Smorgasbord Posts from My Archives – Letters from America 1985-1987 – Adventures in the USA First swims, Alabama-Coushatta Reservation and cranky ice-maker by Sally Cronin

Last week I shared some of the experiences we were enjoying as we settled into our new life in Houston including Homesickness, first dinner party, and a trip to Huntsville State Park

First swims, Alabama-Coushatta Reservation and adventures with the ice-maker

Hi M & D.

Just received your letter, the first one to the new apartment, and it only took six days which is great. Sorry to hear about Norah and her collapse, as you say, thank goodness she wasn’t driving at the time. Perhaps she will give up the car now as it could have been very dangerous for others too.

My weight has dropped enough for me to venture forth into the pool. Although only the second week in March the water was about 24 degrees and lovely. We went in on Sunday and I have just had another swim. I plan on making it my daily routine for an hour and am really looking forward to it. The air temperature is very hot (for those of us from rainy England) and I have to remember to put sun screen on my back when swimming for an hour so that I don’t burn. But I am going brown which is wonderful. One of our new friends said that most people don’t swim until the evening because of the sun, something about mad dogs and Englishwomen go out in the midday sun!!

David is in San Francisco this week. He has some initial meetings set up and if anything comes of them, I will go next time. Last week we had another trip to Dallas and stayed at the Hilton (it was only two dollars more than the Holiday Inn so hang the expense!). We had dinner with a Scot and his wife who work for another part of the company, and it was very enjoyable. I must say that after the hire car, David’s new one is a joy to drive and I could seriously get used to automatic and cruise control. Especially with miles of highway ahead of you.

On Saturday we had a great treat. We visited the Alabama – Coshatta Reservation. They are woods indians rather than plain’s indians so no horses. It was a lot of fun. You pay six dollars and there are three tours, two by bus (open and flung together) and one my miniature steam train all through the reservation. On your ticket you also get a tour of their craft village and a war dance exhibition which was very exciting. We had lunch in the cafe, burger and buffalo chips! I always thought that referred to buffalo dung… but these were particularly delicious. I treated myself to a pair of silver and turquoise earrings which were very inexpensive.

We chatted to some of the guides and they were so welcoming. It is admirable that they are keeping their culture alive and are making a living from tourists. We found out that there are two tribes who are descended from the Creek Indians and originated in Alabama before being forced off their land in the 1830s. They migrated into Texas when it was Spanish and in after the war with Mexico, we found out that Sam Houston protected them. They traded with the white settlers to the area and they have lived on the reservation since then.

David arrives home Thursday and I am picking him up at the airport. By the time you arrive in November I will be able to find my way there blindfolded. We have at least four different routes dependent on time of day and traffic, and we can make it in twenty minutes.

I am glad your weather is improving too, won’t be long now before you are out on the roof garden with your tubs. I could do with some of those on our balcony, but not knowing if we might move in the next few months to Washington, I have contented myself with buying some indoor plants. At the end of our balcony is the utility area where the washer and dryer live. Wash day is a pleasure, just pop it in and when dry it’s almost unnecessary to iron it.

I must admit after my initial wariness about the dishwasher (I was used to having ‘hands that do dishes can feel soft as your face with mild green fairy liquid!), I am now a fan. I use all the plates and cutlery, load them up and hey presto! They are certainly a labour saving nation, but who am I to complain if I can go and sit by the pool rather than wash dishes by hand. All kitchens in the apartments are equipped with an enormous fridge/freezer with automatic ice maker. It takes a while to get used to the bang as it releases the ice, and the first few days we didn’t know how to switch it off. Ice cubes coming out of our ears.

Anyway that’s it for this week. All our love as always… look after yourselves. Sally and David.

©sallycronin 2017

I hope you have enjoyed my trip down memory lane…….I would love your feedback as always. Thanks Sally

20 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Posts from My Archives – Letters from America 1985-1987 – Adventures in the USA First swims, Alabama-Coushatta Reservation and cranky ice-maker by Sally Cronin

  1. It is fun to look back and see what the modern conveniences of the time were. Imagine what others will think when they read about what we were making do with 20+ years from now. You mean, you used to have to drive your car?👀

    I don’t know who Norah is, but that portion of your letter reminded me of the time when Mom’s driving became unsafe, and I had to take her car keys away. Not an easy thing for anyone to see your loss of independence.

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