Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round Up – April 19th – April 25th 2020 – Bond Themes, #Waterford History, Royal Navy WWII, Letters from America, Poetry, Book Reviews and Guests.

Welcome to the Smorgasbord Blog Magazine weekly round up with posts that you might have missed during the week.

I hope that everyone continues to do well.  There is some evidence that there might be an easing of the self-isolation restrictions for some age groups, and also the possibility in the UK at least of being able to interact with close family members, up to a bubble of 10 people, in the weeks ahead. That is good news as for those elderly, living on their own without physical contact with children and grandchildren it has been very challenging.

I have to say that I am very impressed by the majority who have followed the restrictions and also the supermarkets and stores allowed to be open who have done very best to the items we are used to available as well as the essentials… and also there efforts to maintain social distancing. I am so grateful for the front line staff, stocking the shelves and manning the checkouts who remain cheerful and helpful. A simple thank you seemed totally inadequate.

Also of course those health care workers who are working so tirelessly to keep those infected alive, and I hope that when this is over there will be a shift in both the operational side to the NHS and other health services with regard to the well being of their staff, and also planning for the future using the lessons delivered during the pandemic.

And of course there is the amazing contribution from individuals such as Captain Tom Moore who it is believed in in line for a CBE following his fund-raising for the NHS to the tune of £28 million. With congratulations on reaching #1 in the charts with his single recorded with Michael Ball ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

What an inspirational man and he is 100 years old in five days time. The local post office has already had to take over a local school’s gym to stack all the cards and gifts that have been arriving daily and if ever there was a star of this challenging time is an old man who has already served his country and is doing so again.

On the other hand, there are those who have royally miffed me this week in the press… Celebrities posing or moaning about being in isolation in their mansions with football pitch sized gardens, or on their luxury island paradises  or mega yachts. Female celebrities (and some male ones) and those who aspire to being one, whipping their clothes off and posing in underwear, bikinis or even naked, as if this some how would lift the spirits of the majority of us, male or female with other more important issues on our minds!

I am not going to touch leadership issues and alleged ‘cures’ with a barge pole……..

What I will do is offer this musical interlude that shares the wisdom of Monty Python, and whilst it might be top of the list when it comes to funerals, it is also something to inspire the living…

I have selected the singalong version…I hope you will join in…

Thanks Monty Python

Now to get on with the business of the day….

This week sees the start of a new book marketing series for authors on the shelves of the Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – Free Author Promotion

The Cafe and Bookstore has approximately 150 authors and up to 7 of their covers on the shelves. So that I can have the time to check each author regularly and update with their reviews and latest releases, the authors featured have reviews that are less than six months old.

A few statistics about the Cafe and Bookstore in 2019/2020

  • In 2019 there were 130 Cafe Updates featuring 3 to 5 authors in each post, including the summer features and Christmas book fair and 125 New book Promotions
  • The top viewed (220) New Book on the Shelves was A Bit About Britain’s History by Mike Biles
  • The average new book on the shelves promotion has over 100 views on the blog, multi-retweets on Twitter and shares on Facebook.
  • It is a free book promotion and all it costs is a little bit of your time, letting me know and responding to comments. Judging from comments, I am confident that the posts do result, in not only effective exposure for your books but also sales and more reviews.
  • In 2020 the number of Cafe updates has increased to three a week which will take the total updates to 156 and there are three special features during the year when every author on the shelves will be promoted in the Spring, Summer and Christmas.
  • With this new series Share an Extract that will offer 100 + more marketing slots for authors on the shelves.

We put a great deal of effort into promoting our new, recent and upcoming books but often our previous releases get sidelined.

In this new series I am offering you a chance to promote an earlier book by sharing an extract from the book.

The aim of the series

  1. To showcase a previous book and sell some copies.
  2. Gain more recent reviews for the book.
  3. Promote a selection of other books that are available.

I will top and tail in the usual way with your other books and links, bio, photo and social media. I will also select a review that I feel has the best selling pitch for the book.

  • This series is open to authors in the Cafe and Bookstore who have more than one book (as this already gets promoted on a regular basis) and have reviews for that book I can select from.
  • I suggest an extract of approximately 500 words or a poem that you feel best reflects the theme of your collection.
  • If you have an illustration or images you can attach to the email for me to include. No need to send the cover as I will have that or will access from Amazon.
  • I will check reviews on Amazon sites as well as Goodreads and select one I feel is a great advertisement for the book.
  • As an author in the Cafe and Bookstore I will already have all your details, links and covers of other books so need to send anything further.
  • Please send your extract and any accompanying images to

I used one of my previous books as an example and you can see how it looks here: Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – #Free #Book Marketing – New Series 2020 – Share an Extract.

It would be great if you are over at the Cafe and Bookstore if you could share on Twitter or any of the other social media sites.. Thank you Sally.

Here are the other posts from the week…

Letters from America 1985-1987 – Adventures in the USA First swims, Alabama-Coushatta Reservation and cranky ice-maker

Memoir – Life on the Ocean Wave HMS Emerald – Chapter Three – Operation Fish to save national treasures and a Wedding Day by Eric Coleman

#Waterford #Ireland 1930s – The Colour of Life – The Crane by Geoff Cronin

Poetry – Inner Rumblings: Poems to Give My Inner Self a Voice, the Self I Call Joycie Reilly by Joyce Murphy

Advance Book Review – a kiss for the worthy: #Poetry inspired by the Walt Whitman poem ‘Leaves of Grass’ (A Love Poetry Trilogy Book 2) by Frank Prem

Colleen’s Tuesday Tanka Poetry Challenge #DoubleEtheree – Beneath the Redwood Photoprompt

popp (2)

One Day a Year Set Aside for Those Who Paid With Their Very Lives by Joy Neal Kidney


My Cowboy Dad – Cowboy Wisdom by Darlene Foster

Meeting People for Reasons and Seasons by D.G. Kaye

Financial Lessons from my Father by Sharon Marchisello

Smorgasbord Health Column – Food Therapy – 12,000 years of history that we know about and avoiding the wind factor

#Fantasy Demon Tracker: 3rd book in ‘The Council Of Twelve’ series by A.J. Alexander #Pre-order

Flash Fiction 2: More #Sci-fi short stories by Richard Dee

Two Novellas A Long Sleep and Scam by Stevie Turner

#Childrens Brody Cody and the Stepmother from Outer Space by Toni Pike

#YAFantasy M.J. Mallon, #Mystery James J. Cudney, #Poetry Joyce Murphy #Childrens Bette A. Stevens

#Fantasy Julia Benally, #Crime Sue Coletta, #Memoir Brigid P. Gallagher

#Prehistoric Jacqui Murray, #postapocalyptic Terry Tyler, #Authors Anne R. Allen – #FREE #Mystery Sharon Marchisello

More funnies from D.G. Kaye and a joke or two from Sally.

More funnies from D.G. Kaye and a joke or two from Sally.

Open Mic Night with author Daniel Kemp

Thank you so much for dropping in today and your visits during the week. I hope you have enjoyed and will pop in again soon. thanks Sally.

36 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round Up – April 19th – April 25th 2020 – Bond Themes, #Waterford History, Royal Navy WWII, Letters from America, Poetry, Book Reviews and Guests.

  1. I agree that Captain Tom is absolutely wonderful – but it disgusts me that a private individual should be fundraising for the NHS. I wonder how the money will be spent? And I totally agree shop assistants have been wonderful. As the supermarkets have seen a whopping 10%+ sales in the last month I sincerely hope those at the bottom of the heap will be rewarded by their bosses.

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  2. Another super week, Sally! People in our community have been good thus far about following the guidelines. Masks are now required in any public place. On the flip side, I hear a lot more complaining from people who have had their fill. I only want to do this thing once, and I sure hope that sanity prevails.

    Liked by 1 person

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