It’s okay that it’s not okay

I found myself shouting at the screen rather a lot the other day, my husband will confirm that it is a sport that I rather enjoy, as he does from time to time, but recently I have found some of the downloaded dramas we watch to be unrealistic and sometimes downright irritating… Sue Vincent broke a glass and it resulted in a thought provoking post on the human condition as we stay behind locked doors away from those we love and activities that fill our lives… do head over to read.. I have some screen shouting to get on with….thanks Sally.

The Silent Eye

Shards of glass flew everywhere, surrounding my bare feet and covering the work surface with sparkling motes. The sun through the window lit the tiny fragments with incongruous rainbows. My hand, abused by a heavy day in my son’s garden, had refused to grip the slick surface. It was nothing much, a simple accident that would normally have passed by almost unremarked, save for the odd expletive. Instead, I could feel a knot tighten in my stomach, the pressure of tears demanding release behind my eyes as I ordered the dog to her bed to protect her paws. The mythical ‘stiff upper lip’ began to quiver and I felt about as steady on my feet as a jelly.

Even as the tears came, I could not help laughing at myself. It was ridiculous to get so upset over a broken glass.

As I started to clear up the mess, though…

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