Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves #Pre-Order – #Thriller – State Of War (The State Trilogy Book 3) by Iain Kelly

Iain Kelly has a new book on pre-order price for May 25th –  State Of War (The State Trilogy Book 3)

About the book

The State is at war at home and abroad. While the global First Strike War continues, a civil war threatens to bring down the ruling Central Alliance Party.

Daniel Samson – Citizen, Traitor, Survivor.
Gabriella Marino – Soldier, Assassin, Fighter.

Caught between the State Forces and the rebels, hunted by both sides, they must choose between their own survival and protecting the city and the citizens trapped within the war zone.

Are they willing to sacrifice their own chance of happiness to save a city from destruction?

The thrilling conclusion to The State Trilogy sees Danny and Gabriella join forces against their enemies in a fight that will determine the fate of the State, and the lives of all those who live there.

Head over to buy the book at the pre-order price of £2.99 for May 25th: Amazon UK

And for $3.74: Amazon US

Also by Iain Kelly

One of the recent reviews for State of Denial

Oscar McCloud 4.0 out of 5 stars The Underground Movement and Rebels Prepare  Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 29 March 2020

A newspaper reporter, Maxine Aubert, asks an unscripted question during a government news brief. They sack her. The “State” is playing lip service to democracy and has created an illusion in which the citizens conform or else! The up-and-coming elections are a sham and there is an underground force prepared to confront the State; there is a rebel movement gathering in the Northern Wilderness.
This second novel of the trilogy expands on the politics of the dysfunctional State and justifies the social unrest that hums in the background. However, it was not clear to me how the rebels intend to replace the “State” and what the new social structure will be.

If you enjoy both the mix of Sc-Fi and political upheaval in society fighting against the government type of scenario – then you may enjoy reading this.

Read the reviews and buy the books: Amazon UK

And: Amazon US

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About Iain Kelly

Iain Kelly lives in Scotland, UK. He is married with two children and works in the media industry as a television editor for the BBC. When he is not creating stories through sound and vision, he is writing them. ‘A Justified State,’ published in 2018, was his first novel. It was followed by a sequel, ‘State Of Denial’, was released in September 2019. ‘The State’ Trilogy will be completed in 2020 with the forthcoming publication of ‘State Of War.’

Connect to Iain.

Website: Iain Kelly Writing
Facebook: Iain Kelly Writing

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