MarySmith’sPlace – Lockdown country walk

We live in the country but are walks close by tend to be more coastal, so a lovely walk with Mary Smith today, who shares some of the inhabitants of the fields who are equally as interested in Mary as she is in taking their photos.  Head over to enjoy both scenery and the residents..Enjoy

MarySmith’sPlace – Lockdown country walk

As wee change from Afghanistan, I thought I’d show some images from our lockdown walks. Our usual walks have become very congested so we’ve been seeking out quiet country lanes instead.

Path (Custom)

This path leads from the town to Threave Castle. There are places, usually at gates, where it opens out into the fields and people can pass each other, keeping a safe distance. However, while most walkers will wait at an opening for others to pass, some (most likely visitors come to hide out for lockdown) just barrel on down the path. Their sense of entitlement apparent.

I thought I’d share a few photos from recent walks. Apologies if you find photos of cows boring – I like cows. They are so wonderfully nosy and curious and friendly (as long as they don’t have calves with them)

DSC02868 (Custom)



Head over to enjoy the rest of the photographs, particularly if you have not been able to access the countryside for the last few weeks.. thanks Sally.

via MarySmith’sPlace – Lockdown country walk

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