Gratitude to the WordPress Book Bloggers

A lovely post from Claire Fullerton with her thoughts on the publishing and marketing process today and how the online community of book bloggers are part of that process.. deeply touched to be mentioned alongside some amazing book bloggers such as Olgan Nunez Miret, Michelle James, Robbie Cheadle, Teagan Geneviene, Rosie AmberThe Story Reading Ape and last but not least D.G. Kaye… A lovely post and I hope you will head over to read…by the way I can recommend Claire’s latest.. Little Tea…(never miss an opportunity to plug a good book)…

Claire Fullerton Author

I’d like to adequately express how much the WordPress book blogging community means to me, so suffer me while I warm up to it. I readily admit I’m the long-winded sort, even when I have an important point.

In this day and age of social media at the center of an author’s career, there is much to reconcile, and there are times I wrestle with keeping a proper perspective. On the one hand–and you’d think this to meet me in person–I  am ridiculously extroverted; I have what author, Pat Conroy, labeled the “Southern sickness” of assuming everyone I meet is my best friend, yet on the other, I am intensely private. I don’t like showcasing myself because it feels like grandstanding, and quite frankly I’m not impressed with myself to the point that I think I have anything of significance going over any other writer. We are all of us…

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