Crepe cake… French or maybe Japanese?

One of the best dessert blogs I have come across, is Eat Dessert First with a wonderful team of bakers… I sneak over there when I get the urge for something sweet and it is very tempting… this dessert will knock the socks off your family as you ride out this isolation and your friends when you can entertain again.

Head over to get all the details…. stunning. thanks Sally.

Krepes in Greece, pancakes in the USA, pfannkuchen in Germany, blini in Russia, naleśniki in Poland, lefse in Norway, pönnukaka in Island, pikelets in Australia, cong yu bing in China, injera in Ethiopia…

Crepe cake with orange cream, sangria and strawberries by Eat Dessert First Greece
Crepes, an international delight!

Crepes are a favorite, savory or sweet delicacy all over the world! We researched their history and variations in our previous article “In the morning we eat pancakes like a king!“. This time, in our new, sweet article, we will make an awesome cake with crepes, orange cream with sangria and strawberries, and we will learn the history of French Crêpes Suzette, and also of Mille Crepe, a Japanese dessert made with French crepes!

Head over for the rest of the post…

via Crepe cake… French or maybe Japanese?

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