An Interview with Charlotte Hoather, My Favorite Classical Soprano

A lovely interview with Noelle Granger and British Soprano Charlotte Hoather who I first was introduced to via Google + . A wonderful insight to the career of this wonderful soprano and I am sure you will enjoy as much as I did…please head over..


Today I have invited the brilliant soprano Charlotte Hoather for tea. She’s British, so I know she likes tea. Me, I’ll stick with coffee. I somehow got directed to Charlotte’s blog a number of years ago, when she was first enrolled in the Royal College of Music in the Master’s Program. It was a wonderful blunder because I’ve been enjoying her voice and her professional growth ever since.

           by  Frank Dresch

Since she is the first profession singer I’ve ever met, I have a lot of questions for her!

Charlotte, when did you start singing?

My older brother and I used to watch Disney Sing-a-Long videos from about the age of two, and  I started singing when I was about two, at least that’s what I used to call it, I would watch Disney Sing-a-Long and Barney with my brother. But I started singing on stage from the…

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5 thoughts on “An Interview with Charlotte Hoather, My Favorite Classical Soprano

  1. Thank you for this wonderful introduction into a famous singer of classic literature..In my former life i had to get some singing lessons too, and … Horrible for me, beside alldiscipline i had not on the schedule, and my smoking career. 😉 Michael

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