Smorgasbord Posts from My Archives – Letters from America 1985-1987 -May 1985 – Lamaze classes, Pink Cadillacs and Funeral Plots

Welcome to the next post in the series Letters from America 1985 -1987. This week some of the people I met by the pool which led me to become an assistant coach for a very important event.. and some interesting auction items for Mother’s Day.

May 16th 1985

Dear M & D,

The deal that David was working on has gone through and it looks like news of it will be on the TV and in the press in the UK. He is obviously delighted and it marks the end of a very busy four months travelling and negotiating. He is now setting up new deals and headed off last Thursday on one of his lightening tours to Cincinnati, Washington and Charlotte.

In his absence, Vicki, who I have mentioned before keeps me company, as her husband is away Monday to Friday working on an oil rig in Louisiana. She is now eight months pregnant, and with her husband away I have been elected assistant coach for her Lamaze classes. If her husband cannot get back in time for the birth, l have promised to go into the delivery with her. This week we got into episiotomies, epidurals and caesareans. I am not entirely sure about the classes… the breathing exercises are good but Vicki came home absolutely petrified.. Some of the husbands were looking positively queasy and perhaps they should dole out a tequila shot for them before they start. I think attending these classes would be an effective deterrent to teenagers becoming pregnant… to be honest it would make me think twice!

Lying around the pool as I do, has provided me with some interesting characters for future stories. Everyone is very friendly and relaxed and will pop over and pull up a sun lounger. I do get interrogated about everything from my accent, to what we eat and watch on television. I don’t mind at all as I get to be nosy back! I also get to find out the best places to eat, shop, get your hair done and something called a mani pedi… I was a little wary about what that might entail and was relieved to find out it was a nail salon!

Occasionally the complex management will host a pool party and there is a Hawaiian themed one coming up in a couple of weeks time. Must find David an appropriately colourful shirt for the occasion and a great excuse for a new swimsuit. Time to hit the discount mall.

Thank you for the pictures you took on your trip to Windsor. I did feel a bit homesick seeing all the greenery but then remembered it came courtesy of a lot of rain. It is a pity that when you come in November that we won’t have time to take you to the West Coast and the vineyards further in as it is much wetter over there and consequently more colourful.

I have been asked to sponsor a Mary Kay cosmetic party by their rep in the complex. They are the company that give pink Cadillacs to their successful agents. I saw one at the airport when I dropped David off at the airport and to be honest… I would never look a gift horse in the mouth.. but it is a very bright pink and not sure David would want to be seen being driven around in one.  However, I do like their products and as hostess I get a gift box which is great. It looks like there will be 12 attending including Vicki and with plenty of wine and food I am sure we will have a great time.

I am so pleased to be back down to a size 16, especially as here that is a size 14. That is another good reason to live here. David has promised me $5 a pound lost and I have decided to cash in next week when we are going to Las Vegas for a three day exhibition. We are staying at The Hilton and have an extra day so we can go out to the Hoover Dam. Whilst David is at the exhibition I will do my best to win our fortune… but I am not holding my breath as I have been told the House never loses.

Happy Mother’s Day next week and I hope my card arrives in time. It is tomorrow here, and the television has been airing adverts all week for cards and gifts. On the subject of gifts, the public broadcasting channel has an annual auction and companies, hotels, etc, donate products and holidays etc and bids are invited over seven days. One of the items donated was described as an ideal gift for aging parents or Mother’s Day. It was a double plot at the Forest Lawn’s Cemetary (or Garden of Rest over here). Apparently wonderful views, quiet secluded spot and a snip at $1200.

On that cheerful note adios until next week..

love from us both Sally and David.


Thank you very much for dropping in and I hope you continue to enjoy our adventure in Texas and trips we made around America during our time there.

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  1. I went to Lamaze classes with my wife, but I can hardly remember anything, but telling her to relax. My orders were to keep my parents out of the delivery room as she wasn’t sure what choice words might come flying out of her mouth. 🤣

    I’m starting on a big rewrite tomorrow, Sally, and I’m going to limit my blogging time to fifteen minutes per day for the next three weeks. You won’t see me around much for a bit.

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  2. I wondered your mother’s response to the cemetary plot idea and were you the lamaze coach defacto?


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