Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – Meet the Authors – #Thriller Jaye Marie, #Thriller J.P. McClean, #Contemporary Jessica Norrie

There are over 150 authors in the Cafe and Bookstore and I wanted to keep it to key pieces of information such as buying links, recent review, website and covers. However, I know that readers also like to know more about the background of authors.

In this series during June and July I will share the bios of all the authors in the cafe in a random selection. I hope that this will introduce you to the authors in more depth and encourage you to check out their books and follow them on their blog and Twitter.

Meet Jaye Marie

Jaye Marie is affectionately known as the giant redwood, probably because she is very tall, but also because of her love for trees. Most afternoons she can be found repotting or taking care of her bonsai collection, but her love of detective mysteries soon brings her back indoors. She has written three fiction novels in this genre, Nine Lives, Out of Time and Crossfire and is about to publish Silent Payback, her fourth book.

She spends any free time learning everything she can about self-publishing, and despite all the obstacles, she never gives up on anything and is as stubborn as a mule

She also enjoy running a website/blog and all the wonderful people she continues to meet from all around the world. She learns something new every single day and it is much appreciated.

A selection of books by Jaye Marie

Ray 5.0 out of 5 stars Great psychological thriller  Reviewed in the United States on May 17, 2020

There is a serial killer in the city of Brighton who is killing women, and detective David Mallory is in charge of this troublesome case. But this detective has a secret of his own, one that might interfere with his investigation.

Loved the characters, well built and nice. Especially, I’d like to highlight David Mallory’s interactions with his partner, Anna.

One of the greatest pleasures of Silent Payback was getting in the mind of so many characters. The story is told from the perspective of lots of different characters and also the narrative switches from first to third person, this can cause confusion if done wrong but the author did an impressive job here and therefore this story had a pristine narrative that also served to get to know lots of different point of views. Credits to the author for that.

Jaye Marie, Buy:Amazon US – and: Amazon UK – Follow Jaye Marie : Goodreads – Blog: WordPress BlogTwitter: @jaydawes2

Meet J.P McLean

JP (Jo-Anne) McLean writes contemporary fantasy thrillers with a provocative edge. She is best known for The Gift Legacy series. The first book of the series received Honourable Mention at the Whistler Independent Book Awards. Reviewers call the series addictive, smart and fun.

Her books include endorsements from Ethel Wilson fiction prize winner, Jennifer Manuel, and Globe and Mail bestselling author, Elinor Florence, among others. The series has been described as fantasy light and is a good introduction to the genre for the uninitiated.

Jo-Anne neglects the gardens and housework to write full time from her home on Denman Island, off of Canada’s west coast. She writes best when she’s within sight and sound of water, even if it’s just a fountain, and hopes never to stop reading, writing or imagining the impossible.

Books by Jo-Anne McLean

One of the recent reviews for Secret Sky  Apr 17, 2020 Kristy Halseth rated it Five Stars

The plot is interesting. The book reads like a mystery with elements of fantasy and romance. While the content definitely makes this a fantasy novel, the structure is more like that of a mystery. The start is a bit slow but starts with an event that really captures you. The main character, Em, explains her background that set the stage for this novel in a series of flash backs right at the start that were deftly handled during periods of unconsciousness as she is in the hospital recovering from her mysterious accident. This is right at the start of the book so I don’t really consider this a spoiler.

So while the start is slow the mystery of what is happening to Em holds the reader’s attention. Because Em clearly knows what happened but it is a mystery to the reader. I’m trying not to say too much about this book. I don’t want to give things away. Even when I was not reading the book I kept thinking about it. It is a bit longer than most of the other ARCs I get. The kindle said it would be a 6 hour read for me and most are only 2 to 3 hours.

I can happily give this book a 5 star rating.

J.P. McClean, Buy:Amazon USAnd :  Amazon UK – Follow J. P. Mclean  : Goodreads – Website: J.P. Mclean Author – Twitter: @jpmcleanauthor

Meet Jessica Norrie

Jessica Norrie studied French literature at Sussex University, and trained as a teacher at Sheffield. Then she wandered into parenthood, told her now grown up children stories, and heard theirs. A qualified translator, she worked on an eclectic mix of material, from health reports on racehorses to harrowing refugee tales. She taught adults and children, co-authored a textbook and ran teacher training. In 2008 came the idea for “The Infinity Pool”, which appeared in 2015 (and in German in 2018). Her second novel “The Magic Carpet”, inspired by teaching creatively in multicultural schools, was published in July 2019, and she is working on a third. She divides her time between London and Malvern, blogging, singing soprano, and walking in the forest and hills.

Books by Jessica Norrie

One of the recent reviews for The Magic Carpet

Miss L. 5.0 out of 5 stars Loved it!  Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 May 2020

Thoroughly enjoyed this heartwarming story of a group of 7 and 8 year olds preparing school performances based on traditional fairy tales and weaving in the stories of their own families.

As a teacher in a London school, the characters in this primary school class and their experiences felt very real to me and I enjoyed getting to know each and every one of them. Completely addictive, I knew I would be sorry when it was finished but couldn’t help myself from immersing myself in it over the course of a weekend. Just loved it!

Jessica Norrie, Buy: Amazon UK – And: Amazon US – Website:Jessica Norrie on WordPressGoodreads: Jessica Norrie – Twitter: @Jessica_Norrie

Thank you for joining me today for this series and I will be sharing another three authors and their work every weekday during June and July. It would be great if you could share. Thanks Sally.

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  1. What I like about Jane Marie’s books is that they are very different. I read Out of Time a while ago and Silent Payback recently, tackling characters you don’t expect to meet in thrillers!. But if you want to get away from crime and current troubles read Jaye’s Lazy Days a memoir of a boating holiday with her sister and children.

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