Smorgasbord Coffee Time Haiku – Crows gather at dusk by Sally Cronin

One of the loveliest places on the south side of Dublin is Powerscourt House which we have frequented often.. both for the extensive gardens, Irish clothing and houseware shops but also their wonderful cafe with amazing home cooked dishes. If you are ever over then do visit Powerscourt House and Gardens

You can sit outside in the summer to enjoy a scone with strawberry jam and whipped cream. If a customer leaves and it is a few minutes before the table is cleared, crows descend and clear up the crumbs and any other delicacies that might have been missed. They perch on the fence around the patio and await their chance….In the background is the hum of bees enjoying the amazing flowers that fill the gardens. This inspired this particular haiku.

I hope you have enjoyed… thanks for dropping in.. Sally.

21 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Coffee Time Haiku – Crows gather at dusk by Sally Cronin

    • Thanks Marje.. I don’t mind their antics and do not begrudge them some of the seed as they too have young at the moment. However, they tend to come in mob handed and devour anything in sight. David has just built me a magic pyramid bird feeder.. it has been very funny to see the crows walking around working out how to get access.. they can nibble the seed at the edges but the mother load is in a container in the middle that they cannot


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