CarolCooks2…weekly roundup 14th June-20th June 2020…Climate Change, Recipes, Whimsy, Chocolate Fudge…

An entertaining and informative week from the Thai kitchen of Carol Taylor.. bamboo, national fruit and vegetable month, Led Zeppelin, martinis, fudge and walnuts with a few snippets on Saturday.. let out your waistband and head over to indulge..

Retired? No one told me!

Welcome to this weeks edition of my weekly roundup of posts…I hope you are all staying safe and well…Let’s take a pew and have a read… I hope you enjoy!

Relax and Enjoy! (1) Weekly Roundup

Monday…Recycling and Climate Change…15th June 2020…

Lots of good things this week from bamboo and all its uses, Trees, water, bees so much to be thankful for…

Bamboo although classed as invasive and banned in some parts of the world has many, many uses…the bamboo tips are so nice to eat and one of my favourite things are the lovely delicate bamboo whisks for your Matcha tea they are just so pretty.

Tuesday…National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable month…

There is nothing like seeing lovely fresh vegetables on your plate…especially if they are all different colours…last night we had fresh corn taken from the cob, sweet potatoes and lovely chinese kale with beautiful yellow flowers and of course one of…

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