The Delta Pearl 38 — Tangle

Teagan Geneviene with another wonderful episode of The Delta Pearl.. and if you are not sure what a telectroscope is then head over to be enlightened. As always a fascinating read.

I hope you will head over to read the entire episode.. thanks Sally

The Delta Pearl 38 — Tangle

Saturday, June 20, 2020 


The Delta Pearl book cover created by Teagan R. Geneviene

Welcome, my chuckaboos, to another episode ashore in my fictional, Victorian Era version of Cairo, Illinois.

Last year, just as this riverboat left the dock, Rob Goldstein left an amazing “random reader thing.”  It’s Telectroscope.  Read on to learn what that is.

Now we return to Émeraude and Eliza.  I think Victor and Randall are about to join them. Without further ado…

All aboard!

The Delta Pearl

Chapter 38 — Tangle

Leadenhall Street London 1837, street scene engraving by J Hopkins, Wikipedia
Leadenhall Street in London 1837, engraving by J Hopkins, Wikipedia

Following the clockwork scarab, I ran out the library door.  I barreled straight into Dr. Victor T. Elam, my young inventor.  We both landed on our backsides.

Randall Needleman, the wealthy entrepreneur and Eliza’s husband, looked down at us.  His expression was startled yet bemused.  His mustache twitched.  I knew he was trying not to laugh – because I could see for myself that it was a comical thing.

“Miss, are you hurt?” asked Jet Fischer, the librarian.

The bustle and the voluminous fabric of my gown had tangled me.  At the same moment, both Jet and Randall bent to help me up.  Victor was also getting to his feet, but he tried to avoid stepping on my skirts.  That caused him to stumble into Jet, who then lost his balance and fell into Randall.  A second later all four of us were in a heap at the entrance to the library.

A street urchin ran to his friends, shouting “Fight!  Fight!”


Head over to discover how this is going to turn out…

via The Delta Pearl 38 — Tangle

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