The Delta Pearl 39 — Rise

Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene with this week’s episode of the Delta Pearl.. and there is plenty of action for Émeraude and her companions who have to fight to try and save her life…

The Delta Pearl

Chapter 39 — Rise

Pixabay image altered by TRG
Pixabay image altered by Teagan R Geneviene

Shouting voices rose up from beneath me.  I’m not sure if it was the voices that woke me or the pain in my shoulder and head.  The world around me shifted and drew close.

Stars danced before my eyes.  My ears rang like a ship’s bell.  Although my head hurt, it was not as bad as my shoulder.  I cried out when I moved it.

As my vision cleared, I looked upward ― it felt like I was rising.  Light glinted dully from a gray metal ball.  It drooped from a cord, to which it was attached.  Several of them dangled above me.

“That’s what hit me,” I muttered as consciousness returned.  “Lead weights.  It’s a net!  But where did it come from?” I exclaimed.

The weight that knocked me on the head must have been a glancing blow, else I would have been unconscious longer.  I didn’t think I had been out more than a moment.  I moved my shoulder gingerly.  I dreaded to see the bruise that would soon be there.

Shouts intruded on my dazed thoughts.  I looked down toward the voices.  Regardless of how I came to be in the predicament, I was scooped inside a net.  It was being drawn up to who knew where or what.

Already I was higher than Victor T. Elam could reach.  I saw him on the ground, jumping, trying to grab hold of the net.  It was mere inches beyond his grasp.

Vernon Lee by John Singer Sargent 1881
Vernon Lee by John Singer Sargent 1881










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