Smorgasbord Laughter Lines Extra – Friday July 10th – Irish Weather The Musical with International guests presented by I.V.E Mildew… AKA Herself.

I have been doing some admin in my computer files this week and found some this tucked away from 2017 and have embellished a little… I thought you might like something to start the weekend with a smile…

Welcome today’s premier of a new musical…my name is I.V.E. Mildew, a raconteur, author, graffiti artist and bon vivant. I have lived all my life amongst the warm hearted and generous people’s of this Isle and delight in sharing its bounteous beauty.

Ireland is renowned for its lush emerald green scenery, ancient history, singing, dancing and an abundance of the wet stuff. No, not the dark stuff served up around the world, but the reason why Guinness tastes so much better when drunk here in Ireland, and what makes our clover so bright and green.  That would be the rain my friends.

In the space of a couple of hours you can experience all of the moods and variations that the Irish weather has to offer. For over 200 days of the year (250 in a good year) that usually involves a drop of the grand soft drizzle to tumultuous downpours that flood the rivers and gullies.

When I decided to pen – Irish Weather – The Musical, little did I know that artists from around the world would claim Irish ancestry and offer their services to showcase its multiplicity with humour, song, music and dance.

Alas there is not sufficient time to feature all aspects and faces of our climate, but I hope that the following renditions will give you a flavour of what can happen in just one day in the Emerald Isle.  I have punctuated the said performances with quotes on the Irish Weather from prominent wordsmiths (bigger eejits than me).

If you enjoy the excerpt from the 24 hour stage show I hope you will consider buying tickets. It is an outside performance at the RDS showgrounds Dublin for a week in August. (Weather dependent).

Your humble servant – I.V.E Mildew (Ivor to my friends)

There are many days when the raindrops come and go throughout the day for a few minutes at a time. This gentle blessing from the sky is not a problem and in fact can be turned into a magical and romantic bike ride for two….

Visitors to our beautiful country from all around the world are also inspired by our unique weather and have been heard to spontaneously burst into song in honour of the rain and the second best asset Ireland has to offer.. Its men!

Of course we cannot forget that Ireland has some of the most beautiful women in the world.. they are like the wind….

Even our wonderful cousins from across the water have tried to lift our spirits by singing to the sun god on our behalf….thanks Mr Springsteen…Bruce Springsteen

A little plug for your man for all his efforts on our behalf.... Buy Bruce Springsteen music: Amazon US – And: Amazon UK – Official site and live concert dates: Bruce Springsteen

Our darling children are taught in school how to make the best use of any odd day of sunshine they may enjoy during the summer holidays (six weeks of optimism each year). Learning how to walk on sunshine is part of the syllabus.  Try this at home three times a week and it will lift your spirits too.

However rainy our Mondays (and every other day of the week) are… we are blessed to have our loved ones to turn to. And every good musical should always end up with a slow dance with the one who loves you.

39 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Laughter Lines Extra – Friday July 10th – Irish Weather The Musical with International guests presented by I.V.E Mildew… AKA Herself.

  1. We’re familiar with all the ‘soft’ days in Ireland having holidayed there twice a year for decades. It’s fine if you go prepared!


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