The Delta Pearl 40 — Plummet

An action packed episode of the Delta Pearl today (even more than usual) Teagan Geneviene has put her heroine Émeraude, in dire straits way up above the town and heading toward the river.. will her rescuer, Randall Needleman be able to hang on…and will they reach the water in time before they fall?  You will have to read the post in full to find out…

The Delta Pearl

Chapter 40 — Plummet

Khusen Rustamov at Pixabay
Khusen Rustamov at Pixabay

For a brief moment we floated, supported by the parasol on a sudden gust of wind.  Randal Needleman and I were high above everything, the buildings, the press of coaches and wagons, and the people along the riverfront.  Naturally, everything happened much faster than I can tell about it.

Onyx appeared.  His brass talons latched onto my sleeve.  His clockwork wings flapped furiously as he tried to pull us toward the scant safety of the river.  I prayed for another burst of wind.

The noxious brown cloud descended toward us.  Randall began to cough, but he kept his tight hold around my waist.  I wished I could give him the breathing apparatus he had strapped around my head before he cut me loose from the net.

In the distance I saw the Delta Pearl.  She was going faster than a riverboat could possibly move… but after all, she was the Delta Pearl.

Speeding ahead of the riverboat I saw her naptha launch.  The forward part of the launch was covered by a roof-like shell.  Obsidian Durango, the Cadet, clung to the top of it.  I thought Sid was trying to attach something to the corners of the roof.

I couldn’t see who piloted the small craft, but the person standing at the back was not one of the crew.  However, the warning klaxon had sounded.  That meant no one would leave the riverboat unless the Captain ordered them.  For the Delta Pearl to travel a such a speed, all hands would be needed.

Cairo Illinois panoramic map 1885 H Willbe Wikipedia
Cairo Illinois panoramic map, 1885 H Willbe, Wikipedia

The launch accelerated and bumped on the water.  Sid lost his hold.  The Cadet slid from the little roof but managed to grab the jackstaff.  The flag, supported by the wind of speed, slapped his head repeatedly and sharply, threatening to break his hold.

The figure standing at the back of the launch hurried forward to help him.  It was a woman in simple clothes.  That would be the governess, Azalea Morton.  The pilot leaned out from the enclosure ready to help.  The clothes were those of a teenaged boy, the supposed charge of the governess.

His hat blew off into the wind.  A long tail of hair tumbled free.  Alex Rice had just exposed “his” fakery to anyone who might have been watching.  Were all eyes on Randall Needleman and me as we plummeted toward the earth?  Or was the runaway society wife, Exilda Ritchie now revealed to those who would force her to leave her lover, Azalea, and return to the scheming philandering husband who cheated her of her fortune?

Head over to read the rest of this exciting episode..

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