Recycling and Climate Change… 13th July 2020…

Catch up with Carol Taylor’s regular Monday post on recycling and climate change and she shares some innovative ways to transform carbon emissions into stylish tiles, news on a Uk project to provide renewable energy, and a heartwarming story about bees – please head over to read in full.

Retired? No one told me!

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of recycling and climate change news from around the world…

I am quite excited that the UK is taking Climate Change seriously and they are building the world’s largest Cryobattery facility will be housed near Manchester in the UK and help the country store renewable energy.

The world’s first commercial liquid air battery project planned for Trafford, Greater Manchester, will help the UK make the most of its solar and wind energy.  The world’s largest liquid air battery…

It will form a key part of the push towards net zero, bringing greater flexibility to Britain’s electricity grid and creating green-collar jobs in Greater Manchester.

The creation of green-collar jobs is also important as we need jobs and opportunities for people to come over from sectors which will be made redundant through the changes…

A fascinating video that shows the idea…

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7 thoughts on “Recycling and Climate Change… 13th July 2020…

  1. Wow, this looks like very interesting. New sustainable batteries is what we are really in need. Some years in the past i had read something about a “Bagdad Battery”, invented somewhere far B.C.. The first use of galvanism, and we had forgotten this (with help of the RCC? ;-)) Michael

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