Your Values and Living by Your Truth #values

A thought provoking post from Toni Pike that highlights the importance to have core values and also so important to pass them along to others.. Also when we have defined what our personal truth is, usually based on our core values, how challenging can that be to put into practice?

Your Values and Living by Your Truth #values

This is a series about authenticity, validation, self-belief and personal power.

You’ve probably already heard about values, the basic key principles that underpin your life. Harder to understand is the concept of your truth, and how to live by that. It took me quite a while to come to terms with what that really meant.


Values are those principles that you believe are the most important and fundamental to the way you live your life. They might include concepts such as honesty, loyalty, responsibility and fairness. There are, of course, many more of them.

If you search for the term “values” on the Internet, it’s easy to find quite a few long lists of values with up to a hundred terms – and many of those sound very worthy. But they are a good starting point.

What are Your Values?

Please head over to read the post in full and leave your thoughts in the comments for Toni.. thanks Sally

via Your Values and Living by Your Truth #values

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