The Delta Pearl 42 — Prance

Teagan Geneviene with this week’s episode of The Delta Pearl and a recovering Émeraude recovering from her adventure in the sky. The young inventor is determined to impress her with a bejewelled gift but unfortunately it might be a bit of a trojan horse.. to discover why head over to enjoy.

Saturday, July 25, 2020 

Javier Rodrigues at Pixabay
Javier Rodrigues at Pixabay

Hello, my chuckaboos. I’m glad you could come back to my sanctuary.  Yes, this blog is my sanctuary.  I am the gatekeeper of this place.  It’s a safe haven not just for you, but for me too.  It’s safe from vitriol, religion, politics, and negativity.  Remember that.

Random Reader Things.  It gives me great pleasure when someone thinks about my stories after they’ve left my blog.  Last week, GP Cox did that and made a comment at his own blog, mentioning a Clockwork Horse.  I was captivated by the thought, and it changed what I had in mind.  That became my random thing for this short episode.

When we stopped last time, with Agate and Victor fussing over Émeraude, after her ordeal.  You know what a matchmaker the Cook is, especially where Émeraude and Victor are concerned.  We’d best not leave her with our filly and foal for too long.  She might get out of control.

All aboard!

The Delta Pearl

Chapter 42 — Prance

Enrique Meseguer at Pixabay
Enrique Meseguer at Pixabay

Victor jumped up in dismay.  He tried to run to the door, but Agate was in his way.  The young inventor gave a groan when the thump-thump-thud sounded at the door again.

“It’s gotten loose again,” he muttered just as the cabin door banged open.

The Cook began to coo all sorts of pleased, encouraging sounds.  I couldn’t see around her, so I started to get out of bed.  Agate gave a sharp glance over her shoulder at me.  I swear the woman had eyes in the back of her head.  I leaned back against the pillows.

Light clumping sounds reached my ears.  The way Victor and Agate moved and bent and spoke reminded me of people with a frisking puppy. Victor’s movements showed that he was still distressed.  He had been trying to hide something, I was sure of it.

“And look at Amethyst here on top of the wee barra!  Careful there, spider.  He’s quite a bampot.  You’ll land on your little purple bahoochie!” Agate warned.

The Cook gave a surprised yelp as the clockwork spider suddenly hopped to her head, and from there pounced to my bed.  I still couldn’t see what was happening.  Although I gathered that whatever it was had been the source of the thump-thump-thud sound I had heard several times of late.

Altered Spider jewelry pin Starbright Pixabay


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