Home schooling and how it has impacted my attitude towards teachers

Robbie Cheadle shares her experience of home schooling and the challenges facing students, their teachers and parents. I do recommend that you head over to read and I am sure Robbie would love to hear your own experiences.

Home schooling and how it has impacted my attitude towards teachers

Gregory in a school concert when he was 8 years old

My sons have been home schooling since our schools first closed on 18 March this year. That equates to four and a half months of my having to drag my youngest reluctantly from his bed each school day, feed him and force him to sit in front of his computer for at least some of the day. It also involved me having to try to get to grips with all his Google classrooms, on-line tasks and their submissions and even his school email. It has been hard work to say the least.

I had no such issues with Gregory, my older son. Greg is exactly like me, hugely driven and determined. Nothing was going to stand in the path of his personal goals and success. Greg simply got stuck in and spend most of my 8 hour working day, sitting next to me at the table working away. He battled with maths problems, hammering away at IT concepts until they made sense and filled work books with detailed and copious notes for every subject. In fact, Covid-19 and the lockdown seem to have resulted in Greg really coming into his own. His mid-year examination results are rolling in now and so far he has achieved 3 subjects with overall mark percentages in the 90%s, two in the high 80%s and one mark in the 70%s which is his second language and quite tough.


Please head over to read and add your thoughts.. thanks Sally.


via Home schooling and how it has impacted my attitude towards teachers

15 thoughts on “Home schooling and how it has impacted my attitude towards teachers

  1. Thank you for this very interesting post, Robbie! One can say home schooling has its benefits, even it was not the best way suddenly to restructure the whole schedule of involved parents. Congrats to Greg! Thank your for sharing, Sally!

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  2. Firstly, I’d like to congratulate Robbie on making a bad situation work for both her boys and with a successful outcome, too!
    When faced in a school situation with a class consisting of thirty pupils, some mustard keen to work, some struggling a bit or happy to slip by with the minimum effort, and some just wanting to cause chaos, it takes real skill on the teacher’s part to engage and motivate all of them. I know many parents who’ve given up trying to deliver the online school work simply because their children didn’t want to do it. The successful students (those achieving their potential) are often those with parents who make time to engage with their children and who work with the school when problems arise.

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  3. Our school district just announced tonight that they would begin the year with distance learning only. I know that many of my teacher friends are relieved by this news, but they also understand it is a hardship for everyone. The interesting thing is it is not a consistent policy throughout the county.

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