Jolly Joyful Monday!

Jill Dennison begins the week with a fantastic Joyful Monday with some interesting finds behind mystery books in a library! Cats being Cats..some very good funnies, and Bob who is 95 going on 96 and has just completed 100,000 miles on his bike, 9 miles a day since he retired.. Head over to enjoy and I am off to get on my bike to try and catch up…thanks Jill.

Filosofa's Word

Good Monday morning and welcome to Jolly Monday!  I trust you all had a good weekend?  I did a bit of traveling over the weekend!  I went to Switzerland, then to Lakeway, Texas, northwest of Austin!  I saw beautiful snow-capped mountains and happy little villages in Switzerland, and lots of deer in Lakeway!  And the best part?  It didn’t cost me a penny!  Gary took me on the Swiss tour,   and John Howell took me around Lakeway to see the many deer out and about this weekend!     Thanks guys!  I enjoyed it!

Joyful has been hard at work in the kitchen this morning, so let’s see what she has whipped up for us, then we’ll find some fun things to start the week out with a smile, yes?

Check out the mystery section …

Libraries are treasure troves … I could spend all day in a library…

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