Keep Learning on the Boil in the Kitchen

A wonderful post by Norah Colvin who is a an educator who has dedicated her career to discovering how children learn and providing tutorials for others to enable them to teach more effectively. In this guest post on Charli Mills Carrot Ranch, Norah turns our kitchens into a classroom and shares all the elements that make time there, cooking and talking into a wonderful learning experience. A terrific post and with home schooling still in place for many children it is very helpful.. please head over to read..#recommended

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Home with the Kids by Norah ColvinYour-kitchen-Michael Rosen

This quote is taken from Good Ideas How to Be Your Child’s (and Your Own) Best Teacher by Michael Rosen.

The thought of having to assist children’s learning at home can sometimes be overwhelming, but it needn’t be that way. Some of the best learning can take place in the kitchen without any extra equipment or expense. All you have to do is include them in preparing the day’s food. We all have to eat, don’t we?

When you involve children in meal preparation, including choosing the menu, purchasing the ingredients, preparing the food and cleaning up, they are not only learning valuable life skills, they are learning in almost every area of the curriculum.

Children love to cook, and by ‘cook’ I mean the preparation of food whether heat is involved or not. They enjoy sharing the food with their family and friends almost as much as eating…

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23 thoughts on “Keep Learning on the Boil in the Kitchen

  1. You will not believe, during primary school i did it/ had to do it this way. It was the only room were i could be observed. Lol
    Norah is doing a great work at her readylearn branch too. Famous what teachers and motivated parents can do best for their children. At least the responsibility is also on the parents. Thank you Sally, will head over now. Michael

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  2. What an excellent piece! There are so many ways that the kitchen can be utilized in the kitchen. We used to get the newspaper once a week in my classroom. Around Thanksgiving, I sometimes had my 5th and 6th-grade kids plan a meal using the ads from the paper. They had to figure out amounts to buy and costs. Sometimes two supermarkets ran ads, so they got practice looking for better buys.

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