MarySmith’sPlace – Winter approaches AfghanistanAdventures#49

Winter is approaching in the mountains of Afghanistan and Mary Smith is in danger of being snowed in…with a long walk to the bathroom in the cold and essential supplies of TP running out, this post leaves us on a cliffhanger.. However, there is a respite with English lessons and cheating at cards….

MarySmith’sPlace – Winter approaches AfghanistanAdventures#49

Lal-sar-Jangal, November 1989

Lal scenery

The first week of November was almost over. It had become extremely cold. The sun, though still shining brightly in a deep blue sky, barely thawed the iced puddles in the compound, before they again froze hard. My daily activities were interspersed by increasingly frequent trips to the latrine – some hundred metres from the compound – as I tried to combat the cold with copious quantities of hot tea.  Once I heard Qurban call to me through the dividing wall between the two loos, ‘Would you like your desk and chair brought out here? It would save you an awful lot of walking.’

Aug2020-036 (Custom)


Please head over to read the post in full and enjoy the photographs.. thanks Sally.

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