How A Journey Of A Million Miles Showed Me The Value Of Home – A Guest Post by Paul Ariss @PaulAriss1

If you head over to Hugh Roberts you will find a gem of a post written by his guest Paul Ariss. It recounts his physical and emotional journey to fulfill a promise to himself years earlier to visit the Grand Canyon. and whilst that was a stunning moment, it was the revelations that it revealed to him that were equally momentous.. Paul is a singer/songrwriter and relatively new to blogging and sounds like another terrific blogger to follow.. Thanks Hugh for sharing.

Hugh's Views & News  

I’m delighted to introduce Paul Ariss to my blog. Paul is a songwriter, screenwriter and new to blogging.

Guest blog post by Paul Ariss

Paul shares a true story about travel which gave me goosebumps when I read it because I knew exactly what he was experiencing.

Over to you, Paul.

Image Credit – Paul Ariss

In the early evening of Wednesday, 28thOctober 1987 I walked into a bar in rain-soddenFlagstaff, Arizonawith Randy Jones, a two-tour Vietnam vet.

I’d met Randy hours earlier that day, just minutes after midnight in Albuquerque bus station.

Randy was a mad-eyed but good-hearted individual who happened to be stopping off in Flagstaff himself on the way west to an altogether different destination. Randy and I were polar opposites.

Probably fifteen years older but with a lifetime more living, Randy had fought the Vietnamese in theMekong Deltaand had spent…

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10 thoughts on “How A Journey Of A Million Miles Showed Me The Value Of Home – A Guest Post by Paul Ariss @PaulAriss1

  1. Hi Sally, thanks so much for reblogging and sharing Paul’s guest post. It’s an incredible story which had the hairs on the back of my hands stand up.
    Having just started out as a blogger, some of the comments Paul left on some of my blog posts told me that he was a very talented writer. I’m so pleased he acepted my inviaitaion to write a guest post.

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