My First Post Using the New Block Editor

This came to my attention courtesy of a reblog by Pete Johnson at and I am sharing this from Biff Sock Pow as today saw us getting a closer to the moment we will have to accept Classic block as the only option to the new block editor… At least there is still most of the Classic editor left… this is brilliant..

Biff Sock Pow

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57 thoughts on “My First Post Using the New Block Editor

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  2. This is hysterical in an awful but understandable way, but I am grateful for the laugh. Today I got so aggravated with the block editor from hell that I had to step away from writing a post for 3 hours. After an 8000 step walk, I came back and simplistically finished it – but not the way I would have liked. So needlessly stressful.

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  3. I can’t see the Happiness Engineers [sic] giving us back the Classic editor, but perhaps if the outcry is loud enough, they may fix the block beast so it’s functional for writers capable of typing with more than two fingers. 😦

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    • I know Carol.. we shall have to see how the classic editor works out which looks like being our only option.. I have scheduled posts ahead so that I could get on with my writing but also so that I have some breathing room to get used to it.. I can’t ‘press’ posts now from other bloggers without going to the new editor which is a pain because reblogging does not allow you to schedule it for a specific time… but we shall see what happens.. in the meantime..not particular impressed with their blanket approach. xxx

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      • Neither am I, Sally….I noticed that with press it doesn’t unless you reblog revert to draft and then schedule its just a lot of messing about….Why can’t things be simple?…If it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it but who are we? …I’m just an old biddy who WP thinks will give up blogging soon so it won’t matter…Hugs xxx

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      • I think that might be the intention Carol.. I have a couple of links to share in the round up tomorrow that show like everything that starts out with good intentions, that it gets subverted along the way by those who feel that all technical sites have to be as complex as possible..I think they need to get out more and experience the real world..xx


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