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Welcome to the Friday edition of the Cafe and Bookstore with new releases and recent reviews for authors on the shelves.

Lucinda E. Clarke has just released the third book in her series… A Year in the Life of  Deidre Flynn – A psychlogical thriller.

About the book

Deidre is determined to protect her adopted niece Leah, but despite fleeing the country, the menacing threats continue.

They believe their enemies can’t reach them now, so who is behind the life-threatening attacks? The incidents escalate, each more horrifying than the last.

How can they fight back when they don’t know who the enemy is and they have no idea what they want.

A fast-moving, page-turning, psychological thriller that will leave you breathless, as once again, Leah is the victim of a cruel conspiracy that lurks in the shadows.

A gripping thriller for fans of Louise Jensen, Avery Bishop and Claire McGowan.

Head over to buy the book: Amazon UK – And: Amazon US

A selection of books by Lucinda E. Clarke

One of the recent reviews for book two in the series.. Andrea Coe.

Lindylou 5.0 out of 5 stars Friend or Foe  Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 August 2020

Wow what a sequel to ‘A Year in the Life of Leah Brand’. Leah’s best friend Andrea tells her story This sequel pertains to what happened after Leah had moved from London and started a new life in Weston with a new man in her life and Belinda her stepdaughter.

Out of the blue Leah’s best friend Andrea turns up and their friendship is renewed. The story is written in monthly episodes in the view point of the main characters taking on lots of twists and turns adding to the suspense of the story. I could not wait to see what the following month would bring and could not put it down.

When Leah’s criminal ex-husband Mason suddenly gets in touch the plot takes on a new twist. This sees the Leah and Andrea and the belligerent teenage Belinda traveling to Australia. What does he want and is Andrea the friend she makes out to be.

This is written with the Lucinda’s usual high standard, and is another edge of the seat thriller.

Lucinda E. Clarke, Buy Amazon US –  And : Amazon UK – Blog:WordPress Lucinda E. Clarke — Follow Lucinda:GoodreadsTwitter: @LucindaEClarke

The next author is Judith Barrow with a review for her compelling family drama – The Memory.

About the book

Mother and daughter tied together by shame and secrecy, love and hate.

I wait by the bed. I move into her line of vision and it’s as though we’re watching one another, my mother and me; two women – trapped.

Today has been a long time coming. Irene sits at her mother’s side waiting for the right moment, for the point at which she will know she is doing the right thing by Rose.

Rose was Irene’s little sister, an unwanted embarrassment to their mother Lilian but a treasure to Irene. Rose died thirty years ago, when she was eight, and nobody has talked about the circumstances of her death since. But Irene knows what she saw. Over the course of 24 hours their moving and tragic story is revealed – a story of love and duty, betrayal and loss – as Irene rediscovers the past and finds hope for the future.

The new novel from the bestselling author of the Howarth family saga

One of the recent reviews for the book on Goodreads

Jul 06, 2020 Cleopatra Pullen rated it four stars

Although much of the story being told over my lifetime so it was familiar but with much of the content very much of the time it is set in i.e. the seventies and eighties, in some respects it could be considered historical fiction. Those details aside this is a novel firmly set around family and those that live within and without them.

Irene is eight years old when her younger sister Rose is born. Rose has Down Syndrome and was born after the time when these ‘special’ children were put out of sight, but that doesn’t mean that the families don’t need to come to terms with having a child whose life won’t be as that they’d imagined. Rose’s mother struggled but Irene adored her younger sister.

The story of Rose’s life is interspersed with the current day story set in 2002 of Irene’s mother’s struggle with dementia and the realities are so well recorded that it feels as if the author has first hand experience.

This is a story that tugged at my heart-strings although I wanted to shake Irene for her inability to see the bigger picture but just as in real life, you can’t agree with everyone’s choices.

I have a feeling that this is a book that will linger.

Read the reviews and buy the book : Amazon UK – And:  Amazon US

Also by Judith Barrow


Judith Barrow Buy: Amazon US – and: Amazon UK – Follow Judith: Goodreads – blog: Judith Barrow – Twitter: @judithbarrow77

The final author today is Valentina Cirasola for her collection of stories The Road to the Top of the World.

About the book

The Road To Top Of The World – Short Stories in the Land of Puglia is a travel narrative of one trip To Puglia the author organized with American friends or curious travelers willing to explore, learn, experience, taste, and dream in a land they had never visited before, where a language totally foreign to them is spoken. A wheel of new emotions opened up before their eyes. They tried food that didn’t even know existed and learned to cook it in ancient kitchens; they learned to live the local nightlife; they appreciated life without phones, watches, and technologies at least for part of the day. They copied Italian fashion, learned about traditions, rituals, country, and folk celebrations. Some of them succeeded in learning local dialects. Their perspective on life was forever changed. This book is full of the author’s photography

One of the recent reviews for the book

L. Carmichael 5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful trip, beautiful Lives  Reviewed in the United States on July 26, 2020

The Road to the Top of the World is a travelogue written by Valentina Cirasola, a wonderful author, designer, and artist who hails from Italy. I’ve read a few of the writer’s books in the past, but this one is special because I received a signed copy from her in the mail. Of course, it was already on my reading list… and as Tropic Storm Fay descends upon NYC today, I decided to embrace the culture of Puglia, the heart of this book. Though I’m typically a fiction reader, this one appeals to me for many reasons. Not only is Valentina a brilliant creative mind, but she brings an inspirational outlook on life through her words and pictures. It’s unusual to have a witty and knowledgeable expert who’s lived in the area and visited it as a guest once moving to the USA. Through this perfect combination, we’re lucky to experience something few others get to in their lifetime.

Imagine a few weeks spent in Puglia, traveling through shops, gardens, homes, restaurants, museums, and so much more. Valentina takes us on a whirlwind tour of making our own foods, exploring the history of civilization in the area, and viewing art we might not see unless we went in person. I learned some wonderful tips or making my own pasta sauce differently than I already do! By incorporating her personal opinions, and those of her traveling group, we receive a well-rounded viewpoint of the trip. Sometimes I felt like I was there… others, I was marking down things I must see in a future trip. The best part of the book is the way in transports you into a new world… and while reading it, I remembered what it was like to be in Italy a few years ago.

Europeans, perhaps more specifically Italians, have grasped La Dolce Vita, and this author can bring you much closer to it. Valentina’s words and natural love for the area shines in her messages here. Life can be short. Experience it as best you can. Make your own foods. See how others live. Understand the limitations of the past and how it created the amazing gifts we have today. Someone had to discover all these things… pasta, sauce, pizza, limoncello… and here, you can come pretty close to it by sampling a few pages of her book. You’ll enjoy the author’s personality, an Americanized version of an Italian soul, one who knows exactly how to convey all that we are missing here! Part personal itinerary, part memorable journal, it will make you smile and grow hungry. Is it too early to visit Italy again?

Read the reviews and buy the book: Amazon US – And: Amazon UK

Also by Valentina Cirasola

Valentina Cirasola, Buy:Amazon USAndAmazon UK Website: Valentina DesignsGoodreads:Valentina Cirasola Goodreads – Twitter: @ValentinaDesign


Thank you for dropping in today and I hope you will be leaving with some books.. thanks Sally.

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