Smorgasbord Reblog – #StDavids – Going West: The Talking Stone by Sue Vincent

Sue Vincent continues the narration of the trip that she and Stuart France made to the west coast of Britain with some amazing stopovers.. In this post some legends passed down through hundreds of years in written and oral history.

– Going West: The Talking Stone

Wales 114

While I was researching the cathedral at St Davids, I came across a couple of legends that caught my fancy. Both of them concern Llechllafar, the talking stone. The name just by itself was intriguing… where did the emphasis lie? Was it a stone that spoke, or a stone where people could speak? I soon found out and it tied in with the legends of the old corpse roads that Stuart and I had come across when working on our books.

When villages began to get their own churches, quite often it would only be the mother church of the area that had burial rights. People were obliged to carry their dead, often long distances, to bury their loved ones. There were many legends associated with these old highways that could scale hills and ford rivers for mile upon mile, following a straight line, very like the leys, that might take them even through homes…the spirits of the dead always took a straight course, and a convoluted path would confound or confuse them.

There was a corpse road at St Davids… and it was crossed by Llechllafar.

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6 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Reblog – #StDavids – Going West: The Talking Stone by Sue Vincent

  1. Sue and Stuart are presenting a wonderful journey, with a for me unknown landscape, and a very interesting view on the aisles. I never before thought about so many legends in Britain. Thank you for mentioning, Sally! I am sure there are a lot of interested people. Michael

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