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This week a review for children’s author Darlene Foster for The Jigsaw Puzzle King by Gina McMurchy-Barber


About the book

When you’re new in school, all you want is to fit in. When eleven-year-old Warren and his family move to a new city, his twin brother, who has Down syndrome, attracts too much attention for Warren’s liking. Bennie’s different and doesn’t care about it. But while Bennie may be oblivious to those who are curious or uneasy with him, Warren notices every smirk, comment, and sideways glance.

Warren is weary of flip-flopping between trying to be just like everyone else and being the protective brother of a boy with special needs. Sometimes he thinks his life would be easier if he had no brother. But what he really needs is to stop worrying about what other people think

Darlene’s review for the book on Goodreads

Feb 17, 2020 Darlene Foster rated it Five Stars it was amazing

A great middle-grade book about brothers, twin brothers. Warren has made it his life mission to look out for his twin brother, Bennie, who has Down Syndrom. But when Bennie wants to enter into the talent show at their new school, Warren is determined to stop him before he embarrasses both of them. The characters of Warren, Bennie, and their classmates are very real 21st-century eleven-year-olds. Kids will love this book filled with cool stuff like hockey, peanut butter, and stink bombs. I enjoyed the references to familiar places in the Vancouver area. When Warren has to choose between his family and the cool kids, he finds himself in a sticky situation. This book is perfect for tweens and adults like me, who love tweens

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A selection of other books by Gina McMurchy-Barber for YA

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Books by reviewer Darlene Foster

About the book

Amanda is delighted to show Leah around Alberta during her visit from England. They take in the Calgary Stampede, go on a cattle drive, visit Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, spend time with the dinosaurs at the Royal Tyrrell Museum and explore the crazy Hoodoos.When Amanda finds a stone with a unique mark on it, she doesn’t think it’s important until everyone seems to want it – including a very ornery cowboy. Is this stone worth ruining Leah’s holiday and placing them both in danger?Spend time with Amanda as she explores her own country while attempting to decipher the mysterious writing on the stone and keep it from those determined to take it from her.

A recent review for the book

tpolen 5.0 out of 5 stars Delightful!  Reviewed in the United States on September 23, 2020

This is my first time ‘meeting’ Amanda and while there are several books in the series, I chose this one because I traveled to Calgary earlier this year and visited some of the places mentioned in the description.

What a delightful story! Amanda is excited to spend time with her friend, Leah, and show her around during her holiday with Amanda’s family. I really enjoyed ‘re-visiting’ some of these places with them, while also learning new facts. Being a dinosaur nerd (I love that great aunt Mary is a paleontologist), I wish we’d been able to visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum and see the World’s Biggest Dinosaur – maybe on our next visit.

Amanda is intelligent, feisty, and adventure-loving, and her inquisitive nature soon draws the girls into a mystery which results in some perilous situations. They run into some pretty unsavory characters while trying to learn more about the markings on the stone.

The author does a wonderful job of blending educational facts with a mystery and adventure that will thrill young (and older!) readers. These are quick reads I’d highly recommend, and I look forward to traveling with Amanda to more destinations.

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Also by Darlene Foster


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  1. Thanks so much, Sally for featuring my review of GIna´s book and that great review of Amanda in Alberta by Teri. A good time to start thinking about books for Christmas gifts. Santa loves giving books!!

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  2. What a great subject in The Jigsaw Puzzle Queen. We can never have enough books that promote acceptance, especially for those with a disability.

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