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D.L. Finn has recently joined both Cafe’s with her books and today I would like to showcase Elizabeth’s War.

About the book

It’s April of 1917, and World War I has reached Elizabeth’s family on their wheat farm in North Dakota. Although the battles are being fought overseas, the war has affected her in ways she couldn’t have imagined. Elizabeth is thrust into a new role after her brother and father leave the farm to do their part in the war. And she’s only eleven years old!
Having almost died as a toddler, Elizabeth has been babied most of her life. Now she must learn to help out around the farm; cooking, cleaning, and tending to the garden and livestock. No longer can she run from her responsibilities, as she did when her horse Rosie was giving birth. There were complications during the delivery, and Elizabeth panicked and froze. The foal didn’t make it.
Elizabeth faces her biggest challenge yet as a huge Christmas Eve snowstorm rages outside, cutting her family off from any help; and her mother is about to have a baby! Her brother and sister are laid up with chicken pox. Does Elizabeth face her fears or run from them? Can she help her family, who need her more now than ever? Or will she retreat like she did when Rosie needed her?

One of the recent reviews for the book

Mar 17, 2020 Maretha Botha rated it Five Stars it was amazing

Elizabeth’s War by D.L. Finn is the fourth book I’ve read by this author who writes in diverse styles – short stories, poetry and memoirs, and now, this children’s book in the historical fiction genre.

Elizabeth is eleven years old in 1917 and lives a protected life on her parents’ farm – she almost died as a three-year old – thus her parents and even her siblings dote on her, and she does not seem to be given any real responsibilities even though farm life at the time would have dictated differently. Her mother and older sister, Pearl, protect her and make excuses for her. All this change once her father and eldest brother join the war, and suddenly, Elizabeth has to face a few challenging situations over the next year and a half. She learns to cook, knit and catch a baby (all very hilariously told by the author), and she also deals with the loss of a good friend.

Plusses for me: The author shows the reader much – not just telling a story – inviting readers into Elizabeth’s world with good scene setting and dialogue combination, creating a living-in-the-moment scenario. I love natural and fluent dialogue supported by good scene setting, i.e. showing, making the characters alive and thus involving the reader emotionally. I love this writing style where becoming part of the story and living in the moment, enhance reading pleasure. Dialogue throughout is natural and fluent, and looking from a Middle Grade reader’s point of view, language is easy to follow, but still suitable for older ones who prefer clean uncluttered stories.Historical fiction for children – not an easy genre to execute successfully – is challenging in that it is difficult to know how much background fact is needed without boring them with information overload while setting the different scenes. In my opinion, the author did an excellent job.

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Other children’s books by D.L. Finn

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The next author today is Barbara Ann Mojica with a recent review for her latest book…Little Miss HISTORY Travels to INDEPENDENCE HALL & The Museum of the American Revolution

About the book

The United States Constitution is the oldest federal constitution in existence. This document, along with the Bill of Rights, lays out the rights and responsibilities of its citizens. The Founding Fathers embraced the principles of the Enlightenment and a vision of liberty and justice for all. Trace their footsteps at Independence Hall and the Museum of the American Revolution.

One of the recent reviews for the book

Christine Calabrese, Indie Author 5.0 out of 5 stars Independence FOR ALL!  Reviewed in the United States on October 7, 2020

This beautifully illustrated book is makes a perfect introduction to the study of the American Constitution, American Revolution, American Founders, George Washington, Founding of the American Navy, The Boston Massacre, The Boston Tea Party, The Structure of American Government with three branches, Ben Franklin and more. The book has a lovely glossary which looks like it was printed on parchment paper. The book is a teaser, an introduction if you will for greater study into any of the previous topics, reading a book like this is a wonderful way to open the mind and spark curiosity. Of course is you are visiting Independence Hall, this book is a MUST! Illustrations are gorgeous!

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A selection of books by Barbara Ann Mojica

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