Saturday Snippets…24th October 2020…

Lots to enjoy as always in Carol Taylor’s Saturday Snippets with a celebration of Tripe..(some love it) a well known car manufacturer’s sideline making sausages!….Music, The Festival of “Loy Krathong”, literally the “Festival of Floating Leaf Cups” and of course some fantastic recipes for Salmon…head over to enjoy and discover more food facts.

Retired? No one told me!

Welcome to Saturday Snippets where anything goes…whatever catches my eye or my imagination could be on this post…something for everyone…The temperature has definitely dropped this week enough for me to sleep comfortably without a fan and it has been overcast and quite dull although this morning I was greeted by sunshine…A nice change…

The Asian Open Billed Stork has been making a daily appearance sometimes joined by another and yesterday there were 7 of them …So far today no sign but I am wondering if when it is raining and blustery maybe it is quieter and more sheltered here if he is coming from the nearby wetlands…

Today is National Tripe Day…

Although I have vowed never ever to eat it I have been quite surprised to hear that it is on some restaurants menu and a few sources have told me that it is very nice…One of my readers…

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3 thoughts on “Saturday Snippets…24th October 2020…

  1. Want to have Carol’s regrets about the temperature. Lol Here, we are constantely goint near zero Celsius. More and more i am sure in near future somwhere in the Asia-Pacific-area life would be much more funny. 😉 Will head over to read about new happenings in paradise. :-)) Michael

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