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Welcome to the Wednesday edition of the Cafe and Bookstore author updates with new releases and reviews for authors on the shelves.

Judy Penz Sheluk has a new book out on November 10th and it is currently on pre-order..Where There’s A Will: A Glass Dolphin Mystery

About the book

Emily Garland is getting married and looking for the perfect forever home. When the old, and some say haunted, Hadley house comes up for sale, she’s convinced it’s “the one.” The house is also perfect for reality TV star Miles Pemberton and his new series, House Haunters. Emily will fight for her dream home, but Pemberton’s pockets are deeper than Emily’s, and he’ll stretch the rules to get what he wants.

While Pemberton racks up enemies all around Lount’s Landing, Arabella Carpenter, Emily’s partner at the Glass Dolphin antiques shop, has been hired to appraise the contents of the estate, along with her ex-husband, Levon. Could the feuding beneficiaries decide there’s a conflict of interest? Could Pemberton?

Things get even more complicated when Arabella and Levon discover another will hidden inside the house, and with it, a decades-old secret. Can the property stay on the market? And if so, who will make the winning offer: Emily or Miles Pemberton?

Head over to pre-order the book for November 10th : Amazon US – And: Amazon UK

A selection of other books by Judy Penz Sheluk

One of the recent reviews for A Fool’s Journey on Goodreads

Jul 23, 2020 Becky rated really liked it

The story itself is great, and I’d highly recommend it. The plot was well written. I loved the mystery of it all, and there were enough twists that it was interesting without getting too bogged down. The lead character, Callie, is a strong woman approaching middle age. Her cohorts that help run the business are older as well. The mystery was tight, the life stories and “real” things going on were all believable and brought everything to “life.” I really liked it.

Read the reviews and buy the books: Amazon US – And: Amazon UK –  follow Judy : Goodreads –  blog: Judy Penz Sheluk – Twitter: @JudyPenzSheluk

Another new release –  Fiery End (A DI Fiona Williams Mystery) by Diana J. Febry was released on October 11th.

About the book

Driving home late at night, DI Fiona Williams comes across a vehicle engulfed in flames. The driver is at the wheel, oblivious to the inferno surrounding him.

There is no explanation for why the vehicle was on the road or why the quiet tradesman was murdered in such a macabre way. The only witness to the fire, claims she saw nothing.

Whatever she did see goes to the grave with her when she is brutally strangled. Frustration grows when the driver’s daughter disappears.

With time running out to find the daughter alive, Fiona is drawn into a web of powerful men determined to keep their deadly games secret. Juggling a family crisis and a growing suspicion her boss is corrupt, her judgement is hampered by her attraction to the man central to everything.

One of the early reviews for the book

Amazon Customer VINE VOICE 5.0 out of 5 stars Riveting!  Reviewed in the United States on October 20, 2020

Can I just say how much I missed detectives Fiona and Peter? Thanks to Ms. Febry, I’ve been following their cases for several years now and I grew so attached to them, I was super excited to learn that this newest book in the series featuring a new investigation came out. I grabbed it right away and I was not disappointed – from page one the plot grips you and refuses to let you go. It starts literally with a bang: a van explodes in flames and sets in motion a chain of events that will eventually endanger not only everyone involved but both detectives who lead the investigation. But what can possibly be in common between a children’s app, a recently divorced plumber, his young daughter, and a mysterious man in charge of a construction company who managed to awaken not only Fiona’s professional, but personal interest? You’ll need to read this riveting thriller to find out. As with all of Ms. Febry’s books, it’s very atmospheric and has that unforgettable Agatha Christie’s flair to it. If you’re a fan of English mysteries/thrillers, you definitely need to read not only this book but the entire series. I promise you will thank me later. A true five star read!

Read the reviews and buy the book: Amazon UK – And: Amazon US

A selection of other books by Diana Febry

Read the reviews and buy the books Amazon UK- And Amazon US – follow Diana on:Goodreads  – Facebook page: Diana J. Febry – Twitter: @DianaJFebry

Time for some reviews and the first is for John W. Howell and his latest book Eternal Road: The Final Stop 

About the book

James Wainwright picks up a hitchhiker and discovers two things 1. The woman he picks up is his childhood sweetheart, only Seventeen years older. 2. He is no longer of this world.

James began a road trip alone in his 1956 Oldsmobile. He stops for a hitchhiker only to discover she is his childhood sweetheart, Sam, who disappeared seventeen years before. James learns from Sam falling asleep miles back caused him to perish in a one-car accident. He also comes to understand that Sam was taken and murdered all those years ago, and now she has come back to help him find his eternal home.

The pair visit a number of times and places and are witness to a number of historical events. The rules dictate that they do no harm to the time continuum. Trying to be careful, they inadvertently come to the attention of Lucifer who would love to have their souls as his subjects. They also find a threat to human survival and desperately need to put in place the fix necessary to save mankind.

The question becomes, will James find his eternal home in grace or lose the battle with Satan for his immortal soul and the future of human life with it? If you like time-travel, adventure, mystery, justice, and the supernatural, this story is for you.

A recent review for the book 

Luanne Castle 5.0 out of 5 stars Exciting and thought-provoking adventure  Reviewed in the United States on October 18, 2020

When James wakes up from a single-car crash, he meets a hitchhiker named Samantha. It turns out that James has not survived the accident, and Samantha, who has also passed, has arrived to help James travel to his eternal home. The trip involves travel through time and locations, and the many “roadblocks” they face are erected by the Devil himself. This book follows in the time-honored tradition of The Devil and Daniel Webster and Dr. Faustus. James discovers that issues involving right and wrong are complicated and the answer can be difficult to find. While some might describe this book as a fantasy because it involves time travel, ghosts, angels, and the Devil, to me the book moved from one fascinating hold-your-breath adventure to the next—all the while a love story between James and Sam unfolds. Eternal Road has an appeal for all readers because of this skillful mix of genres, but also because at the heart of the book are the spiritual questions of life after death—and how we choose to live our lives while alive. 

Read the reviews and buy the book:  Amazon US  –   And : Amazon UK

Other books by John Howell

 Read the reviews and buy the books: Amazon USand on: Amazon UK – Goodreads:John Howell Goodreads Blog: John W. Howell. com – Twitter@HowellWave

And the final author today with a recent review is Linda G. Hill for Saddled: A Romantic Comedy (Once a Week at Woody’s Book 1)

About the book

Will an office no-dating policy stand in the way of love?

Since her breakup with her cheating ex, Sandra Weber has been just going through the motions as Sales Manager at Studletter Condom Company. But when Michael Thorne is hired as an assistant, sparks in the office begin to fly.

Though Michael, aka Saddle McFleshbomb, loves dancing at Woody O’Flanagan’s Pub, he’s looking to move up in the world. His schooling almost finished, he lands a plum job as the only man in an office filled with women: four so exasperatingly humorless that it’s funny, and one stunning beauty with a laugh that warms the cockles of his heart.

When Sandra shows up at Woody’s on a rare night that he’s dancing for men, she assumes he’s gay, and therefore the no-dating policy doesn’t apply. But he’s not. He’s intensely interested in her. And he’s afraid to tell her he’s straight.

If you like light romantic comedy, hot office flirtations, and a long slow burn, you’ll love Saddled, the first book in Linda G. Hill’s “Once a Week at Woody’s” series.

A recent review for the book on Goodreads

Sep 03, 2020 Gen rated it Four Stars

Saddle up Ladies! I really enjoyed this book, it was lighthearted, fun and I really engaged with the main characters. When Michael gets a temping job at the local condom factory there should be a laugh a minute but with a office staffed with reserved prudes who HATE their talented Sales Manager, things may not feel quite so relaxed and fun. The plot is relatively predictable but that was part of it’s charm, I was willing for their to be ‘something’ between the two leads but it was well put together and the story carried me along to a happy conclusion…

I’d happily go for a drink at Woody’s as it sounds a lot of fun and the people really look after their own, I could see myself hanging out their with my own friends that I’d be happy to take along. I’m grateful to the author Linda G. Hill for letting us in for a few drinks and some Sexy McFleshbomb 😉 Would happily recommend this to other romantic fiction fans.

Read the reviews and buy the book: Amazon US – And: Amazon UK

Also by Linda G. Hill

Read the reviews and buy the books:  Amazon US – And : Amazon UK – Follow Linda on: Goodreads – website: Linda G. HillTwitter: @thegreatdagmaru


Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you are leaving with some books.. thanks Sally.

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