Smorgasbord Posts from My Archives – Past Book Reviews 2019 -#Prehistoric The Quest for Home Book 2 of the Crossroads Trilogy) by Jacqui Murray

Welcome to the series where I will be sharing a selection of book reviews I have posted in the last few years. I would like to take the opportunity to showcase books that I have enjoyed and their authors and if you have not read the books, I hope it will encourage you to check them out.

This is the second book in the The Crossroads TrilogyThe Quest for Home by Jacqui Murray, and you can find my review for Book 1 here Survival of the Fittest

About The Quest for Home

Driven from her home. Stalked by enemies. Now her closest ally may be a traitor.

“Bravo Jacqui! A fine read and meticulous research.” — Sue Harrison, author of the acclaimed Ivory Carver Trilogy,

Xhosa flees what she had hoped would be her new home after being attacked by invaders from the North. She leads her People on a grueling journey through unknown and dangerous lands of what we now call Europe. As she struggles to overcome strangers around her and disruptions within her People, Xhosa faces the reality that her most dangerous enemy may not be the one she expected. It may be one she has trusted with her life.

The story is set 850,000 years ago, a time in prehistory when man populated most of Eurasia. He was a violent species, fully capable of addressing the many hardships that threatened his survival except for one: future man, a smarter version of himself, one destined to obliterate any who came before.

Based on a true story, this is an unforgettable saga of hardship and determination, conflict and passion as early man spreads across Eurasia. Xhosa must regularly does the impossible which is good because nothing less than the future of mankind is at stake.


My Review for The Quest for Home – a beautifully written history of our ancestors. September 2019

Having read book one – Survival of the Fittest, I was eagerly awaiting the second in the Crossroads Trilogy, The Quest for Home. And I most certainly was not disappointed. Thanks to the author’s extensive research and storytelling in the first book, I was already familiar with the era, the main characters and the environment that they are existing in, and it was easy to slip back into their world. Jacqui Murray writes so vividly, that you forget that communication would have been mostly non-verbal, and that these ancestors of ours, would have looked somewhat different from the faces and and bodies we see in the mirror each day.

They are human, and as well as an extraordinary instinct for survival, they also exhibit the same emotions we do today. Jealousy, greed, betrayal but also love, sacrifice and great courage in the face of what would seem insurmountable odds. Harsh landscapes and weather, lands that are fiercely guarded by uncompromising guardians, internal turmoil and politics and lack of shelter, food and water.

We follow Xhosa’s people with their fellow travellers from different tribes and stages of human evolution, on a quest to find the promised land of plenty. Not so different from many of present day humans who are on a migration path to find a sanctuary. We are also drawn into the challenges suffered by Rainbow’s people who split from Xhosa in the last book. They too face dangers and disputes as they seek to return to the safety of her leadership.

It is an adventure, thriller, love story, mystery and also a moving history of our people. Those that 850,000 years ago, migrated across uncharted territory to find a place to call home, are worthy of our respect.

I highly recommend that you read the two previous books by Jacqui Murray about early man, beginning with Born in a Treacherous Time and then Survival of the Fittest, and get to know and understand where you have evolved from.

Read the reviews and buy the book: Amazon US  And :Amazon UK

A selection of other books by Jacqui Murray

Jacqui Murray, Buy: Amazon US – And: Amazon UK –  Follow Jacqui: goodreads – Blog: WorddreamsTwitter: @WordDreams

About Jacqui Murray

Jacqui Murray is the webmaster for Worddreams, her blog about all things writing. She is the author of the popular Building a Midshipman, the story of her daughter’s journey from high school to United States Naval Academy, the Rowe-Delamagente thrillers, and the upcoming prehistoric fiction, Born in a Treacherous Time. She is also the author/editor of over a hundred books on integrating tech into education, adjunct professor of technology in education, webmaster for Ask a Tech Teacher an Amazon Vine Voice  a columnist for TeachHUB, monthly contributor to Today’s Author, and a freelance journalist on tech ed topics.

Thank you for dropping in today and I hope you have found some books to take away with you.. thanks Sally.

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  1. I’ve read the first one in the trilogy, and it was great. Sometimes with long reads like this, it’s hard to stay engaged, but that was no problem for me.

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