A non-fiction selection box

Jessica Norrie introduces us to some thought provoking non-fiction reads that she recommends.. They cover a diverse range of subjects including the human body, race, Jack the Ripper’s victims, the royal family and the law… Sounds like a great gift package for those who enjoy exploring today’s issues in more depth than the sensational media headlines..#recommended

Words and Fictions

I mostly get my non-fiction fixes from news and media, but by mid 2020 I’d become tired of Covid related items. I wanted more varied food for thought, and entertainment. Also Novel 3, despite wonderful, polite, positive comments (“a beautiful and bracing read” said an editor from one top publisher) wasn’t finding a contract. I needed to reconsider what makes a book readable and saleable, whatever the subject. So I turned to five popular non-fiction bestsellers published or revised since 2018.

In my school chemistry and biology lessons, I pushed worms aimlessly round Petri dishes, larked about with Bunsen burners and stayed ignorant. Now being stalked by Covid rang alarm bells. I’ve passed (my) existence in this warm wobble of flesh and yet taken it almost entirely for granted. It was time I learned how my body works and I decided Bill Bryson’s The Body: A Guide…

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17 thoughts on “A non-fiction selection box

  1. Thanks for reblogging Sally. I don’t think YOU need to read the Bill Bryson as you’re already a health and wellbeing professional, but for me it was very helpful. Hope you get time to sit down with one of the others over the winter. Hugs.

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