Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Weekly Round Up – November 28th – December 5th 2020 -Partying, Aretha, Book Reviews, Aromatherapy and Funnies

final weekly round up

Welcome to the weekly round up with posts you might have missed this week on Smorgasbord.

As you will see it has been a busy week on the Christmas Book Fair front and it looks like I will have just enough time to include all the authors currently in the Cafe and Bookstore with recent reviews before Christmas. I won’t be taking any new authors until the New Year now and already have some terrific ones lined up.

The Cafe and Bookstore is seven years old now and time for a revamp for 2021. The book fair has been a great opportunity to update the authors on the shelves and I have some more details to add to them to provide more comprehensive information.

Next year I also want to go back to the Blogger Daily at least three times a week as I know I have neglected to get around your blogs as much as I would like. I am going to tie this in to the authors in the Cafe so that I can take another opportunity to promote your books.

Anyway more on that in the New Year..

In the meantime as I have been into author’s Amazon and Goodreads, I have noticed that there are some missed opportunities.  Here is a quick check list.

  1. Make sure that your bio is on both US and UK Amazon author pages. They will put books up, but not your bio from your country of origin.
  2. Some books are missing from author pages and also on Goodreads and need to be claimed through your author central page.
  3. Some authors are not linking their blogs to their twitter so posts about their books or promotions not going there automatically.
  4. I found quite a few Twitter accounts without a pinned tweet, which is very useful to expand your profile, or to promote books or blog.

Just to let you know that the slots for the Christmas Party have all been filled and some wonderful pets have been brought along.. I am sure you will enjoy meeting them..thanks to all those who have participated.

On to the posts from the week and my thanks to William Price King, Debby Gies, Marcia Meara and Joy Lennick for their contributions.. and to you for all your support..

I was delighted to be a guest at Ani’s Advent party along with co-host Sue Vincent and there will be a new guest every day through December, something to watch out for… My post is about the food treats that your pets can enjoy at Christmas and those that might be toxic.. there is a lovely poem introduction from Ani.. and I hope you will head over to read in full: Ani’s Advent Party – Christmas Treats for Pets.

William new music column

William Price King with Soul singer Aretha Franklin – The Rise to Fame.

Life’s Rich Tapestry – #Fantasy- The Enhancement Project by Sally Cronin

smorgasbord book reviews

Past Book Reviews 2019 – #Psychological Thriller- Hope by Terry Tyler

Past Book Reviews 2019 -#Poetry The New Asylum: a memoir of psychiatry by Frank Prem

A year after I reviewed Hope above… this week a review for Terry Tyler’s latest book

Smorgasbord Book Reviews 2020– Post-Apocalyptic Murder Mystery – The Visitor – Terry Tyler

letters from america

February 1986 – Trip to Dallas, #Southfork Ranch and Tornedoes

Christmas Archives


Christmas at the House of 1,000 Santas by Marcia Meara

#WWII – My Welsh Christmases by Joy Lennick

The 13 Trolls of Christmas! by Carol Taylor


Marjoram Essential Oil – Muscles and Stress

christmas book fair children

New Author – #Historical – Daily Bread (Becoming America’s Stories, #1) by Antoinette Truglio Martin

#Butterflies Bette A. Stevens, #Shyness Janice Spina, #Bees Paul Noel, #Puppies Victoria Zigler

Christmas Book Fair 2020

New Authors on the shelves

New Author in the Cafe – #Historical #Fantasy – The Year the Swans Came by Barbara Spencer

#1960s #Thriller – Paris Escapade by Ted Myers

#Mystery Mary Anne Edwards, #Paranormalthriller D.L. Finn, #Vaudeville Elizabeth Gauffreau

#Romance Olga Nunez Miret, #WWII Marina Osipva, #Psychologicalthriller Toni Pike

#Romance Ritu Bhathal, #GuideDog Ann Chiappetta, #Mystery J.A. Newman

#Design Valentina Cirasola, #Thriller Chuck Bowie, #Family James J. Cudney, #Historical Paul Edmondson.

#Romance Jacquie Biggar, #Fantasy C.S. Boyack, #Fantasy Charles E. Yallowitz, #Relationships Stevie Turner

#Authors – Blogging Anne R. Allen, #Networking Lizzie Chantree, #Inspiration Harmony Kent

#Thriller Mark Bierman, #Historical Romance Christine Campbell, #Afghanistan Patricia Furstenberg #Sci-fi Thriller Richard Dee,

laughter lines final

December 1st 2020 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Crunches and More Weird Facts

December 3rd 2020 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Santa and Weird Facts.

Laughter Lines Extra – with host Sally Cronin – December 4th 2020 with guest Ann Patras


Thank you so much for dropping in and hope you have enjoyed this week’s post.. have a safe week.. thanks Sally.

46 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Weekly Round Up – November 28th – December 5th 2020 -Partying, Aretha, Book Reviews, Aromatherapy and Funnies

  1. What a huge amount of work this week’s edition must have been. Wonderfully decorative and full of great books. I particularly liked the tips for Goodreads which to me is an unknown planet. Thank you.

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  2. Thanks for another fab week Sal. And I’m looking forward to your new surprises come the new year! And gaining tons of weight every day I visit the Christmas fair here. LOL. Books are like shoes for me, gotta have just one more. ❤

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  3. Reblogged this on The Write Stuff and commented:
    What a fun week on Sally Cronin’s Smorgasbord blog. All sorts of goodies! Animals, humor, books, and of course, the start of the Christmas posts from Sally’s archives. (Including a little peek at my House of 1,000 Santas.) Do stop by, if you haven’t already done so. You’ll find something you enjoy in this mix, for sure! And when you’re done, pass it along so others can have some fun, too. Thanks, and thanks to Sally for compiling this one. (As always, she ROCKS!) 🙂

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  4. Great week, Sally. And thanks for featuring my sweet baking romance this week, especially in such good company. You’re a star and we’ll be spoilt for choice with all your gift suggestions! ♥


  5. Reblogged this on Retired? No one told me! and commented:
    This year has been a strange one…I myself have been doing much of my shopping online…Christmas shopping will be different this year no browsing the Christmas markets for those little gifts…But I have a solution ..old or young a book is always a lovely gift to receive be it a novel or a cookbook, a how-to book, a travel book for when we can…so many genres …something for everyone…This post is a great place to start lots of book reviews and new releases …a treasure trove of ideas…So pop over and do some shopping……

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