Meditation and Spending Time With Yourself #selflove

A reminder from Toni Pike​ that we need time out for ourselves occasionally to de-stress.. tough to do today but she has some excellent suggestions on how to achieve valuable ‘U’ time.

Toni Pike

This is a series about authenticity, validation, self-belief and personal power.

How we self-avoid

I’ve always been happy to spend time by myself and would keep myself occupied, busily working on my many projects or tasks. In fact, I would drive myself to achieve my goals, making sure that every second of the day was accounted for. That made me feel as if I was being productive and useful.

I thought that was “spending time with myself.” But now I realise that this constant activity was actually a form of self-avoidance.

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31 thoughts on “Meditation and Spending Time With Yourself #selflove

  1. Thank you, Toni and Sally. A very enjoyable post. I have often tried meditation but I never really took to it. However I walk by the river every day. It’s not easy to be your own best friend. I have to remind myself to be kind – to myself, as well as others.

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  2. I remember “love your neighbor as yourself.” We often think the emphases is love your neighbor, yet it’s referred to as ourselves. Selfcare gives us what we need in order to care for others. Great article, Toni. Thank you, Sally. ❤

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