Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – January 1st 2021 – #Books and more Books – Amy M. Reade, Jessica Norrie, Mary Smith

Happy New Year.. and welcome to the first of the Blogger Daily posts for the year and some posts I thought you might enjoy.

It is all about books today and the first post is from Amy Reade with a great selection of reads for her December Round-Up

It’s almost 2021! This is my last reading round-up for 2020, and pretty soon this year will be just a memory. Though 2020 brought lots of changes and more than a few blessings to my family, I know that’s not the case for millions of people all over the world.

Reading has always been a great escape, and my belief is that books have been more important than ever during the past nine tumultuous months. I hope you’ve enjoyed my reviews and that you’ve been inspired to read and review a few books of your own. I look forward to continuing my reviews in 2021 and I hope you’ll join me.

A Noël Killing (A Provençal Mystery Book 8) by [M. L. Longworth]

A Noël Killing (A Provençal Mystery Book 8) by [M. L. Longworth]

The first book I read this month was A Noël Killing by M.L. Longworth. I was looking for a Christmas mystery, and though I hadn’t read the first 7 books in the Provençal Mystery Series, I took a chance on this one. I enjoyed it. It’s a traditional mystery, as opposed to a cozy mystery or a thriller, and the setting in the south of France made it feel exotic. You can read my four-star review here

Head over to enjoy the rest of Amy’s reading for December  with another six books and links to her reviews: Amy M. Reade, Reading Round-Up December Edition

The next post is the follow on to a pre-Christmas Children’s Book Quiz set by Jessica Norrie…and I am giving you the link to that so you can test your knowledge before you look at the answers…Quizzing around the Christmas Tree with Jessica Norrie

First the quiz, now the answers. Well done everyone!

Many people said my Christmas Children’s Book Quiz was too hard – sorry! I was just about to provide more clues, when a friend a bit of a Hermione emailed me with a 98% score! (If you haven’t tried the quiz yet, it’s here.)

Whether you raced home like Hermione or are sulking in a snowdrift, I hope I conjured childhood memories and showed you books you haven’t heard of. Children’s literature deserves every bit as much attention as writing for adults, so I’ve added links to explore further (or enjoy reminiscing). One thing I’ve learnt from setting this quiz is that my knowledge needs updating, something for the next lockdown perhaps.

Head over to Jessica’s to find how well you have done: First the quiz, now the answers. Well done everyone!

And with a wonderful walk down Memory Lane with Mary Smith who shares the books that she enjoyed growing up, many of which I too read and enjoyed.. How many did you read?

What Katy Did was mine – what was yours? #children’sbooks

Who doesn’t love finding some new books under the Christmas tree? This year I gave my book wish list to my son – then the latest Covid restrictions meant we couldn’t meet up after all so I’ll have to wait until – well who knows when?

For some reason, thoughts about the books I’m looking forward to receiving triggered memories of books I loved as a child.

Head over to Mary’s to discover how many of these iconic books were on your bookshelves: What Katy Did was mine – what was yours? #children’sbooks


Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to read these posts in full.. Happy New Year.. Stay Safe… Sally.



31 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – January 1st 2021 – #Books and more Books – Amy M. Reade, Jessica Norrie, Mary Smith

  1. Mary’s post got me thinking, Sally, and I realised the only one that really stuck in my mind was The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith. I looked for the book and found a first edition… but at £121, decided I would give that a miss. Great eclectic post! Thank you.

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  3. Hi, Sally~

    Thanks for the surprise mention of my reading round-up here on your blog! I’ve been staying off social media as much as possible, and I missed the post until this morning. I appreciate it! I wish you and David a very happy 2021! xo

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