Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Wednesday January 6th 2021 – Stevie Turner, Mary Smith, Jean Lee

Welcome to the blogger daily and I hope you will head over to check these posts out in more detail.


The first post today is from author Stevie Turner with her Open Book Blog Hop with a prompt that most of us can relate to… how to keep focused during extended writing sessions.

Welcome to the first Open Book Blog Hop of 2021. This week the topic is:

‘How do you keep focused during long writing sessions?’

When I started writing novels back in 2013 I could write for hours to the exclusion of everything else. After I had been writing for a year or so I learned that I had to build a writer platform to get noticed. To do this I had to engage on social media with writing groups and other authors, and … reader… that’s where the rot set in.

The little red notifications on Twitter and Facebook and the orange ‘bell’ notification on WordPress meant that there was a new comment to answer. I didn’t want to store them all up and answer them in one long session on social media, and I didn’t want people to think their comments were going unanswered. Therefore I answered comments as they came in. Big mistake! I found I was constantly checking all my social media sites for emails and new notifications, and my concentration went out of the window. It was also tempting to check my KDP, Draft2Digital, ACX, BookFunnel and IngramSpark accounts every day to discover whether I’d had any new book downloads/sales. Then there was Amazon and Goodreads to look at to see if I had any reviews. I also had to think of new blogs to write to keep readers interested, and keep my website up to date. Long writing sessions became a thing of the past, and so did hours spent curled up reading a book.

Head over to discover the strategy that Stevie is going to put into place this year: Open Book Blog Hop 4th January 2021

Mary Smith set about walking of the Christmas treats around some of the beautiful areas in her part of Scotland… bracing fresh air and also an exclusive piece of beauty just for Mary to enjoy…

Happy New Year!

It’s becoming a New Year tradition to walk off the mince pies, though the first one took place between Christmas and New Year and was my first blog post, which you can read here. The following years, we walked on New Year’s Day itself and you can read those posts here and here.

This year, I was determined to walk (I may not have eaten many mince pies but the cheese and chocolate pounds definitely need to be shifted) but knew I couldn’t tackle hills like I did on previous years. Lung cancer, breathlessness on exertion, and depleted energy levels has rather put the kibosh on climbing hills.

We felt most of our usual short walks would probably be hoaching with folk, making social distancing difficult, as January 01 was a glorious day after a hard frost. We – the DH, Wee-sis and I – finally decided on Cairnsmore National Nature Reserve, a few miles from Gatehouse of Fleet. Described as one of the wildest places in south-west Scotland it’s a great place for walkers of all levels of ability from those who want to tackle Cairnsmore of Fleet’s 2,331ft or walk to Loch Grannoch or any one of a number of walks including the Clints of Dromore.

Head over to enjoy the stunning scenery in Mary’s neighbourhood and enjoy the post: Walking off the Mince Pies

And to finish today another New Year article that inspires thought about the year ahead in writing terms from author Jean Lee.

Good morning to you, one and all, on this Happy New Year’s Day!

After spending most of December digging my way out of a mountain of grading (finishing Christmas Eve of all days), I awarded myself a chance to visit your online studios to balance with the lack of physical travel here. Everyone chose to come to our house for Christmas instead–in spurts–which meant my three young Bs reveled in FIVE Christmases. Bo did his darndest to keep the house clean while I did my darndest not to give everyone food poisoning for the holidays. (Thank God for slow cookers.)

We. Are. Tired.

But we are also healthy, warm, and safe, all blessings to be thankful for.

With the departure of Christmases and the arrival of snow, I returned my writing goals from this past summer with fresh perspective. With better understanding of the time involved for both the boys’ schooling as well as my own, I brainstormed a writing to-do list for the next five months of 2021.

Head over to discover Jean’s plans for the coming year with regard to her writing and perhaps it might inspire you to make your own to do list: #Grateful For A #NewYear, One #Writer #Plots #NewGoals With #OldStories And #OldFriends.


Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to enjoy these posts in full.. thanks Sally.

26 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Wednesday January 6th 2021 – Stevie Turner, Mary Smith, Jean Lee

  1. Stevie’s grasping of the social media nettle has me fired up to do something similar. Thanks, Stevie! I can sympathise with Jean’s Christmas Eve marking but am delighted that she had a great Christmas. And I loved Mary’s account and pictures of the beautiful scenery in her lovely part of the world. The Scottish terms are familiar to me but I had to look up Greywacke!

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