The Culinary Alphabet with a little twist…Q (bbQ) and R (caviaR)

It is Carol’s Culinary Alphabet with a twist.. featuring words that all end in the letters ‘Q’ and ‘R’ and there is plenty to choose from…from BBQ to Weiner and some in between you might not have heard off.. entertaining and informative..

Retired? No one told me!

Good morning everyone and Pete… time for another post which is this crazy idea from one of my fellow scribes …but food fun…this week its food that ends with the letters Q & R…Enjoy! My grey matter has certainly been challenged this week without much luck with the letter  Q .

Q is the seventeenth letter of the alphabet and not an easy letter to use in any word. In English, the letter Q is most often followed by the letter U, to make the sound “kew.” Although some words do contain Q without the U, they are rare.

The Danes so loathed the use of the letter that they abolished the use of the letter Q in 1872.

Which has led me to the conclusion that Q will join forces with R…so all is not lost…As always I will leave a few for Pete he is not…

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