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I know that many of you have been reading Mary Smith’s Cancer Diary over the last five months and whilst there is a feeling of helplessness as a friend battles such a crisis at a distance, it has been clear from the weekly comments that this community comes together to voice its support and show its love. Today Mary celebrates the end to the gruelling round of radiation treatments and now must wait six weeks to find out the status of her cancer.. that seems like an age to be in a state of uncertainty, but Mary is a warrior and is facing this with her usual grace. If you have time please head over to add your thoughts and best wishes, it does make a difference.

Mary Smith's Place

Wednesday, 20 January: I find it quite mind-boggling it is twenty weeks since I started posting these cancer diary updates. That’s almost five months. When I posted the first one it was with the knowledge I would have maybe seven months to live if I chose not to have treatment. Without treatment I’d have maybe a couple of months left – but I don’t know how many more the treatment may have bought me. Cancer and uncertainty go hand in had.

When I posted my update last Monday I had only six more radiotherapy sessions left. Even as I crossed each one off the printed schedule the final session never seemed any closer.

Before heading off for radiotherapy last Tuesday morning, a quick look at my blog post had me in tears at the messages of support and good wishes and love from so many people from all around the…

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