Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Sunday 31st January 2021 – #Writing D.G. Kaye, #Blogging Pete Springer, #Zucchini Dorothy’s New Vintage Kitchen

Welcome to a small selection of posts I have enjoyed over the last few days and I hope you will head over to read them in full.. thanks Sally

The first post is on the subject of writing and is from Debby Gies…D.G. Kaye and she explores the differences between Non-Fiction and Fiction in relations to characters and events.

Let's Have a Look - series

Let’s Have a Look – About #Writing – Writing Fiction vs. Nonfiction

Welcome to my new series in this new year. I decided to call it – Let’s Have a Look. #LetsHaveALook

So what exactly will we be having a look at? How do I describe this? Random topics or incidence I come across in daily life – from reading or watching the news, to a blog I may have read that gives me pause, are things I’ll be looking at. A spontaneous thought if triggered about a why or that raises a question to myself – I’m going to bring discussion to the event or article here.

So, Let’s Have a Look!

Today’s post came about inspired by a reply from my author friend, #fantasy writer, Diana Peach, who mentioned in reply to my comment I’d left on her recent post when she shared about how one of her characters in her WIP sometimes directs where the story leads.

I had commented that I have enough trouble writing nonfiction about real people – implying that I could only imagine all that is involved in the creating of characters and fantasy storylines and Diana responded with this:

“Part of me thinks it would be harder to write real people, Debby, because a non-fiction author is writing from a particular perspective as well as making interpretations about others, all the while trying to represent the truth. It’s easier to just make everything up! Lol. A post from you about how you navigate that would be really interesting.”

Okay Diana, here’s the post! – Head over to read about the differences that Debby highlights: Let’s Have a Look – About #Writing – Writing Fiction vs. Nonfiction

Now for a lovely post on the blogging community by Pete Springer

Photo credit to Armin Rimoldi on Pexels

When I started writing less than two years ago, I had no clue what I was doing in the blogging world. I had written a memoir/advice book about my teaching career, They Call Me Mom, They Call Me Mom (something I hadn’t planned to do), and the logical follow-up question was now what?

Someone suggested starting a blog—an idea that had never entered my head. The more I thought about it, the better it sounded. I didn’t create one to become famous or try and sell a lot of books. That’s not a priority for me. I’m someone who enjoys learning. A blog would provide me with opportunities to practice writing. I’m not one of those people who has loved to write his entire life. In reality, I’m much more of an analytical, left-brain type. I was happier solving a math equation than keeping a journal. I know what many of you are thinking: “What’s wrong with you?” 😊

Head over to read the rest of this lovely tribute to the blogging community: Bloggers as Friends by Pete Springer

The final post today is a lovely recipe from Dorothy’s Vintage Kitchen for a vegetable that we eat a great deal of, but I may not be doing them as much justice as I should.

Zucchini with Garlic, Lemon, and Hazelnuts

The humble zucchini moves from quiet weeknight sidekick, to dinner party pretty, and it’s quick and easy too!

My grill has reappeared from the snow, and while I seldom hesitate to fire it up in the middle of winter, it was just been a little too cold this week to stand there for any length of time, especially since I never got my Bernie gloves ordered!

So, inside, the grill pan came to my rescue, and in just a few minutes I had a weekend special side dish for little money, little time, and lots of flavor.

A quick grill, followed by a quick sauce of olive oil, hazelnuts, garlic, anchovies, parsley, and lemon, and we were all set. The anchovies are optional if you want to make this vegetarian, and you can substitute dairy-free Parmesan if you want it vegan. It will still be delicious. You can use any summer squash you like in this as well.

Serve this hot, cold, or, my favorite, room temperature. Of course, if it isn’t 17 degrees outside, you can do this all on the charcoal grill.

Head over to read the delicious recipe for Zucchini with Garlic, Lemon, and Hazelnuts: Vintage Kitchen Zucchini with garlic, lemon and hazelnuts


Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to read the posts in full.. thanks Sally.

21 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Sunday 31st January 2021 – #Writing D.G. Kaye, #Blogging Pete Springer, #Zucchini Dorothy’s New Vintage Kitchen

  1. I appreciate the chance to hang with Debby and Dorothy today, Sally. I continue to meet fascinating people here as you have built such a welcoming environment.

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  2. Some fun posts here, Sally. I love it when we spark ideas for each other. I’m fascinated by memoir-writers and I’m glad Debby followed through on our discussion with a post. Pete, as always is wonderful at sharing the love. And Dorothy’s zucchini sounds (and looks) delicious – I’m heading over. I happen to have zucchini in the frig. 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Three very interesting posts – definitely food for thought writing about non-fictional characters. Always very admiring of those who can do this and I loved the recipe for zucchini or courgettes as we call them. Anchovies and garlic – sounds wonderful.

    Liked by 2 people

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  5. I’ve been thinking about writing quite a lot, so both Debby and Pete’s posts gave me plenty of food for thought. And my mother and I do love zucchini, so I’ll have to give that one a go!

    Liked by 1 person

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