Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Thursday 4th February 2021 – #WildDogs Patricia Furstenberg, #Tofu Jemima Pett, #SueVincent Carrot Ranch

The first post today is from author Patricia Furstenberg who shares wonderful stories about her Romanian heritage and also legends and fables of her home in Africa..

Why African Wild Dogs Hunt Impalas and Zebras, die Afrika Wilde Honde

Why Wild Dogs Hunt Impalas and Zebras, African folktale

African wild dog or die Afrika Wilde Honde in Afrikaans, is a wilding with as many nicknames as, well, a pack of dogs: African hunting dog, Cape hunting dog, wild dog, hyena dog, painted wolf, painted dog, or – my favorite – ornate wolf. To the scientific world it is known as Lycaon pictus.

Enjoy the next installment in the series Babadiertjies van Afrika baby animals from Africa.

When the Ndebele people migrated southwards in the 17th century, along the eastern coast of Africa, pushed by winds and floods, they brought with them their colorful geometric patterns, their beads, and their large, bright smiles. A century or so later they were joined by the Nguni people fleeing eastwards, away from the wars of King Shaka in Natal.

Be it a folktale drawn from a hunter’s observations, or a tale meant to teach youngsters a lesson, it is to them that we owe the story of why the wild dogs hunt impalas and zebras.

At the beginning of time, their story goes, right after God had finished creating all His animals and was wiping his brow, His creatures would all play and live together. It was exciting to be alive, to smell the wind and taste the water, to feel the rain on one’s fur – or skin, or scales, or feathers – and to bask in the sun, and wonder at the stars.

So when the first wild dog became sick – it was a mother wild dog tired after taking care of a big litter of pups – naturally that all the other animals showed their concern.

An Impala with softly curved horns went to seek Hare right away, for Hare had great healing knowledge. Hare gave Impala a calabash full of medicine for Mother Wild Dog. Then he warned Impala not to turn back on its way back to Wild Dog’s den.

Head over to read this wonderful legend in full: Alluring Creations, Patricia Furstenberg Why Wild Dogs hunt impalas and Zebras

The next post is from author Jemima Pett who shares a favourite recipe in honour of a blogging friend who recently passed away.


Hera’s Spicy Tofu Bake is a recipe given to me by my dear friend Hera, way back in 1989. I’m presenting it here today in honour of Jo Wake, who died on December 16th. Ninja Captain Alex J Cavanaugh explains:

Jo Wake blogged at Jo on Food, Life, and a Scent of Chocolate. She was part of the Dragon Fellowship, known as Grandma Dragon to the group, and we have decided to do something in her honor.

On February 6, share a recipe that brings them warm memories of friendship and love in honor of blogger Josephine “Jo” Wake who passed away December 16, 2020.

Hera's Los Angeles meet with me

My friend Hera and me  Los Angeles (I was at my WW goal weight then – severely underweight!)

We met because of a shared love of Broadway musicals. I say Broadway, but we actually met in line for Phantom of the Opera tickets in London. That was how life was in 1988, Dave Willetts was the Phantom at that time, and Hera loved him. I was still addicted to Phantom, but I met a lot of interesting people in the line (queue) for returned tickets! In 1989 I went travelling, and to cut a long story short, Hera and I met up in Los Angeles, where Phantom was playing, starring Michael Crawford at that time. It was my birthday, and we had a great time. A few weeks later I stayed at Hera’s lovely house in St Louis, which was where she cooked me this dish, and wrote out the recipe for me.

spicy tofu bake

Head over to find the recipe for Hera’s Spicy Tofu Bake: In honour of Jo Wake – Hera’s Spicy Tofu Bake by Jemima Pett

Just wanted to give you another reminder about the Carrot Ranch Rodeo Classic in support of friend and fellow author and blogger Sue Vincent who is battling cancer. I will let H.R.R. Gorman talk you through it. There are several ways to support Sue all of which I know she will appreciate.

Here at the Carrot Ranch, we take the business of 99-word literary art seriously. Those who participate in the Ranch prompts or yearly Rodeo saddle up to TUFF (The Ultimate Flash Fiction) it out and train new Rough Riders as we go. Now, the Ranch is hosting a new event to sharpen minds, welcome new hands, and celebrate one of our own the best way we know how: our first ever Rodeo Classic.

In this Rodeo Classic, we’re here to celebrate a stalwart center of many blogging corners, Sue Vincent. Sue has variously contributed to the community here at the Carrot Ranch, through communication with many other bloggers, and run her own famous #writephoto weekly blog prompt. You can (and should!) follow her on her blogs, The Daily Echo and the shared blog France & Vincent. She has inspired us to become better writers and shown us the power of mystery and myth. We also suggest taking a perusal at her book corral and Amazon pages!

Find out more about this special  Rodeo and the  Prizes:The Sue Vincent Rodeo Classic February 2021


Thanks very much for dropping in and I hope you will head over to read the posts in full.  thanks Sally.

16 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Thursday 4th February 2021 – #WildDogs Patricia Furstenberg, #Tofu Jemima Pett, #SueVincent Carrot Ranch

  1. Great shares, Sally. I love Pat’s combination of folktales and fact. And Jemima’s recipe looks wonderful and what a lovely way to honor a friend. I’ve seen the Carrot Ranch rodeo everywhere. It’s going to be fun reading all the stories!

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  2. Thank you for this, Sally. 🙂 I do appreciate your time and loving thought.

    A gentle tribute from Jemima. How amazing life is, bringing us together in unexpected ways. She shared such happy memories of a lifestyle long gone, and a recipe that invites to be tried.

    Sue’s Rodeo looks enticing. Would like to learn more.

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