Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Sunday February 7th 2021 – #Funnies Story Reading Ape, #Writing Gwen Plano, #CancerUpdate Mary Smith

Welcome to a selection of posts I have enjoyed in the last few days.

Time to put some humour into the weekend courtesy of Chris Graham, The Story Reading Ape and a reminder to check out his Monday funnies tomorrow.. make it a date very week.

Head over to enjoy all the comedy: Monday Funnies February 1st

The next post is the final in a series on The Story Empire by Gwen Plano and John Howell on co-authorship and its complexities. Well worth going over to read the previous posts if you are considering going down this route.

Co-authorship Part IV: Conclusion

Hello SEers! Gwen with you today to wrap-up the discussion on co-authorship. John Howell began with an overview, and you can find his first post here. I continued the following week by focusing on shared vision. You can check it out here. Then last week, John zeroed in on writing coherency. That post is linked here.

When talking about co-authorship, I’d like to underscore a comment made by most co-authors: it’s great fun and the story comes together in unexpected and potentially stronger ways than if it had been conceived and written by one person.

At the heart of a good writing partnership is communication. Isn’t that true for any relationship? The difference is that with a writing partner we’re usually limited to media such as phone or email or zoom. In-person exchanges are rare.

Writers must find a way to create a shared vision if there is to be one story. Take, for example, the graphic below. You and I can look at the same mountain but see different things. You might analyze how you’re going to reach the top, while I might be drawn into a mystical silence. Somehow, we must bring together our two ways of seeing.

Head over to view the graphic and read the rest of this very interesting post by Gwen Plano: Co-Authorship Part IV Conclusion

And last but not least today an update from Mary Smith on her cancer treatment and a guide to handling the vagaries of a national health service.

What exciting things happened this week? Well, the new specialist nurse called the day after I posted on the blog saying he hadn’t rung, when I’d really needed someone to make contact. I told him I thought he was going to call on Wednesday, as the substitute nurse did the week before. I think it comes down to the interpretation of “will call every week.” I take it to mean on the same day each week, the nurse takes it to mean any day of the week. I did try to explain how it feels to have finished treatment and to be left, not knowing the result (I understand why there has to be a wait before the scan) feeling abandoned. He said he understood. When he said he’d phone again next week I suggested we put it in our diaries. This seemed to be a bit of a foreign concept but was agreed. It worked and he phoned again today.

Head over to read the update in full: Mary Smith Is there life without wine cancer update 22


Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to read these posts in full.. thanks Sally.

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  1. Thank you so much, Sally, for promoting the Co-Authorship series. It was a pleasure joining forces with John Howell and sharing some of what we learned. 💗

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