Fruity Friday…#Buddha Hand Fruit…

A fruit that is new to me and a very unique looking one it is too.. Carol Taylor introduces us to the Buddhas Hand Fruit.. which grows on the trunk of a tree.. head over to discover more.

Retired? No one told me!

Fruity Friday is where I bring you a fruit I have discovered some I find here and others I have discovered while doing my research and would try myself…Like last weeks fruit the Jabuticaba a fascinating fruit which grows on the trunk of the tree and one which I will most certainly be looking out for…I just love discovering new fruits and vegetables as it opens a whole new world, doesn’t it?

This Buddhas Hand Fruit looks like a mutant Lemon…Often used for decorations and Halloween themes…for which it is perfect…It is however perfectly edible it has no juice and no pulp you can just eat it sliced and raw…it’s lack of bitterness means it makes perfect candied fruit…

With a sweet lemon blossom aroma, it can be just popped in the middle table and the scent can waft around…

Its mild-tasting pith is not bitter which means the fruit…

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9 thoughts on “Fruity Friday…#Buddha Hand Fruit…

  1. Looks like an alien, or similar to this Hindu goddess with many arms. Since i have in childhood seems a movie about this goddess, i cant forget. Will head over to read more, Sally! Thank you for sharing, and enjoy the evening, and a sunny Sunday! Michael

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