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Welcome to the Wednesday edition of the Cafe and Bookstore with recent reviews for the authors on the shelves.

The first author today with a recent review is Terry Tyler for The Visitor: A Post-Apocalyptic Murder Mystery

About the book

In 2024, a mystery virus ravages the entire world. ‘Bat Fever’ is highly contagious and one hundred per cent lethal.

A cottage tucked away in an isolated Norfolk village seems like the ideal place to sit out a catastrophic pandemic, but some residents of Hincham resent the arrival of Jack, Sarah and their friends, while others want to know too much about them.

What the villagers don’t know is that beneath Sarah’s cottage is a fully-stocked, luxury survival bunker. A post-apocalyptic ‘des res’.

Hincham isolates itself from the rest of the country, but the deaths continue―and not from the virus. There’s a killer on the loose, but is it a member of the much-depleted community, or somebody from outside? Paranoia is rife, as friend suspects friend, and everybody suspects the newcomers.

Most terrifying of all is that nobody knows who’s next on the list…

The Visitor is Terry Tyler’s twenty-second Amazon publication, and is set in the same world as her Project Renova series, while being a completely separate, stand-alone novel.

A recent review for the book

loopyloulaura 5.0 out of 5 stars fast paced and completely absorbing  Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 30 January 2021

Four lifelong friends plan to see out bat fever in a secret bunker but will they all survive long enough to get there? And once there, a murderer is on the loose in the village…
Amidst the coronavirius pandemic, this book is scary! Set in the same reality as the Project Renova books, The Visitor is a stand alone novel set in 2024. Coronavirus has been and gone, the world recovered. But the new disease is much more deadly and every case is fatal. The politics of the original books are still there with the vaccine programme (again, scary given the current situation!)

The Visitor is written from Jack and Avalon’s first person perspectives as well as various other third person viewpoints. This allows us to understand and feel their emotions as their loved ones die and they adjust to life in the village. The Visitor also has their own first person chapters so we anticipate their next move…
The murder mystery is a fascinating plot device which stands this book apart from the other Project Renova books. The fear and suspicion adds an extra element to the plot and provides extra character development. It engages the reader as we try to figure out who the mysterious Visitor could be and deduce their motive.

Terry Tyler is such a clever writer as she plays to our fears and makes her characters and situations very realistic. She has used the current coronavirus pandemic to underscore her plot and it supports our understanding of the events, motives and actions of each character we encounter.

The Visitor is fast paced yet the sinister build up to the murderous events is not rushed. The danger from the virus as well as from others within and outside the community is completely absorbing.

Head over to buy the book: Amazon UK – And: Amazon US

A selection of other books by Terry Tyler

Read the reviews and buy the books:Amazon UK – And : Amazon US – Follow Terry Tyler: GoodreadsBlog: Terry Tyler Blogspot – Twitter:@TerryTyler4 

The next author is Sue Vincent with a recent review for  Petals of the Rose: Guided Journeys

About the book

A series of guided meditations, designed to open aspects of the personality in as gentle and natural way as the petals of the rose open at the touch of the sun. Each inner journey will carry you to a haven within your own psyche from which to explore layers of your own being, learning their meaning and purpose. From mystical and silent castles, to the song of the unicorn… each journey takes you deeper into your inner being and carries you out beyond the stars. Stories stir the imagination, casting images upon the screen of mind that allow us to explore, in safety, aspects of our lives and being that we might otherwise avoid or overlook. There is a rich vein of experience in memory that can be mined for its treasures. One of the simplest and best ways of exploring the labyrinths of the mind is to do so through a guided journey.

Meditation and visualisation are not arcane practices in which a few indulge… we all use these tools every day, to navigate our way around the world and our lives. We ask ourselves ‘what if?’, creating imaginary scenarios before we act. We visualise the route we walk to work, or what the basket full of ingredients will look like, once assembled and cooked, on a dinner plate. There is no mystery in meditation… but when you give time and attention to the practice, it can open the door to many mysteries… including those of our own being…

A recent review for the book on Goodreads

Feb 06, 2021 D.G. Kaye rated it five stars it was amazing

A small book that packs a punch for the soul. Sue Vincent offers up some wonderful calming and soothing meditations with guided imagery to help take us into a higher mindspace and bring us into a calmer sense of self.

This book offers simple meditations with painted visualizations in words (which this author is known well for) that aid in getting us into a meditative state and help to stir our senses by taking us into the imagery and leaving us to continue with wherever our imagination takes us.

A lovely book to keep at the bedside to use for those reflective moments, or when we just need to zone out and recompose.

Head over to buy the book: Amazon UK – And: Amazon US

Please visit Amazon to view all Sue’s books and those written with Stuart France.

Read the reviews and buy the books: Amazon UKand: Amazon USBlog: S.C. VincentGoodreads:Sue Vincent – Twitter:@SCVincent

The final author is D.Wallace Peach with a recent review for the fantasy Sunwielder

About the book

In a land on the brink of war, Gryff Worden discovers his family slaughtered, his farm in ruin.

Mortally wounded, he stumbles upon a timekeeper, an old woman of the northern forests, one who tracks the infinite paths of each life. She offers him a sunwield, a medallion promising to return him to the pivotal choices that swayed his life’s journey. Her only condition—he must wear the bronze charm until the end.

Now his story remakes itself, casting him backward in time to moments of decision and death. His old life gone, he no longer remembers the purpose of the medallion burning his chest. As he uncovers the sunwield’s power, new choices lead him on an epic adventure through war, death, friendship, life, and love.

One of the recent reviews for the book

Robbie Cheadle 5.0 out of 5 stars A unique story  Reviewed in the United States on January 8, 2021

I do not read a lot of fantasy books, but I make an exception for D. Wallace Peach as her books are extraordinary and unique.

Gryff Worden is an ordinary man who just wants to help his uncle and aunt raise horses on their farm while raising his own family. Gryff adores his wife and two children, but there is bad blood between Gryff and the son of the Earl who rules his area. The hostility is emanates from Brant Loden’s side only, but it changes the course of Gryff’s life.

Gryff’s country is attacked by an aggressive nation who want to enslave his people and he is eventually morally wounded and his family murdered by enemy soldiers. At the time of his death he is visited by an elderly prophet who offers him another chance at life if he accepts the sunwielder, a bronze medallion which allows him to go back in time and revise decisions he made thereby changing his life’s path. I thought this concept was clever and unique. I have read other books where the hero can go back in time, but this particular method and the limited number of life choices offered by the sunwielder was something quite different and fascinating.

Gryff is a wonderful character, he is a good man and tries to do the right thing in all situations but he is human and, therefore, susceptible to various human failings like anger and resentment. It was most interesting to experience his going back in time and having to try an alternative approach when his previous choice failed. As Gryff moved further along his path, his choices improved and his self control and discipline increased allowing him to make better choices earlier and without constant intervention.

There is a love story thread that runs through the book and this is intriguing as the reader doesn’t know how his relationships with his wife and with his lover are going to turn out – his destiny in this regard is unclear for most of the book.

There are a number of characters in this book and it provides great insight into the frailties of men and how arrogance, greed, and hunger for power can destroy individuals and the people around them. Good leadership is a strong theme in this book and the importance of strategy and leadership in war and battles is highlighted.

The author writes the most beautiful and powerful prose and even without the incredible story, this book would have been worth reading just to experience the skillful writing. I highly recommend this book to lovers of fantasy and those who enjoy excellent writing.

A selection of other books by D.Wallace Peach


Read the reviews and buy the books: Amazon US – And : Amazon UK – Follow Diana: Goodreads blog: Myths of the Mirror – Twitter:@Dwallacepeach


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  1. These are three of my favourite authors and the reviews are wonderful. I love the premise of Sunwielder but I’m in the middle of Diana’s superb Unravelling the Veil series. I’ll be gorging on my Kindle again soon!

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