Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Thursday March 4th 2021 – #Interview Barbara Spencer,#LifeBalance Marcia Meara, #Free cookbook Eat Dessert First Greece

A small selection of posts I have enjoyed over the last few days…I hope you will head over to read in full.. thanks Sally.

The first post is by Barbara Spencer of Pictures From The Kitchen Window

Arthur Rosch – poet extraordinaire.

I haven’t met Arthur Rosch. He is from California and me, from a tiny corner of the UK. Never mind about that – just look at the image above! Wow! If that doesn’t get you reading what will? It certainly did me and when I remember the fun I had hosting guests on my site – although they were all authors – I thought it was time I undertook a new journey and one likely to prove equally an inspiration.

A journey with poetry.

Philistine is the word I would use to describe my knowledge of poetry but other words come to mind too – total envy plus a heartfelt wish that I could manipulate words in such a way that a line of maybe five words has the same relevance as an entire page in a book.

And so my own journey begins with … an outpouring of questions as to what drew Arthur Rosch to writing poetry. And his response! Read on and discover as I have done how poetry came to the rescue of someone living at the extreme edges of life..

Head over to enjoy Barbara’s interview with Arthur Rosch: Loving Art, Barbara Spencer interviews Arthur Rosch 

The next post today is from author Marcia Meara (incidentally for fans of Marcia’s Emissary series, the trilogy is now in one ebook)… in the post Marcia shares her new strategy to get more out of life.. including separating the Want to activities from the Have to ones.. she also has some great news to share.

Good Morning, Everyone! Hope you are all happy and WELL! Today begins a new, probably sporadic, series of posts on how I plan to take back my life and survive this stinkin’ pandemic! Hope you’ll enjoy following along as I document the things I’m doing to get over the isolation, depression, and frustration many of us have been suffering through for well over a year now.

To begin, I want to share with you the (presumably) simple thought that jump-started me on the journey to taking back my life. It was as easy as recognizing, and accepting, the difference between these two phrases: “Have To” and “Want To.” They are not interchangeable, in spite of what we sometimes tell ourselves.

I found I was getting more and more depressed every day as I fell farther and farther behind on writing, blogging, housework, and more. Every morning started with a long “HAVE TO DO TODAY” list, and that in itself often stopped me in my tracks, especially as it continued growing daily. It was overwhelming me.

Head over to enjoy the rest of the post and discover how Marcia is claiming back her life:TakingBackMyLife – Or – Pandemic Loses, I Win! by Marcia Meara

And last but not least, Eat Dessert First who I have featured here with their delicious recipes, has a free bilingual cookbook that you can download from their site.. some amazing desserts as you can imagine but also photos of the team’s travels and information on Greek products.. the book also shares some key charities in Greece for children, the elderly and animals.

Hello dear friends! Our first free ebook is now online for you to download it for free. In its pages you will see some selected sweet and savory recipes and not only. You will be able to get to know 12 charity organizations from Greece, aiming at helping children, the elderly and animals. In our ebook you will also find photos from our trips as well as information on traditional Greek products.

The aim of our ebook is to share our favorite recipes, along with our memories from our trips, but most importantly we wish for your getting to know the charities you will find on our ebook’s pages and getting motivated to a “sweet” action in your country too. This is why we made the book bilingual.

Head over to download the cook book but also check out the archives for recipes for mainly desserts but also some savoury dishes..Eat Dessert First Greece Free Cookbook


Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to enjoy the posts in full.. thanks Sally.

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  1. I’m taking a leaf (or maybe the whole tree) from Marcia’s suggestions, Arthur Rosch was new to me and I have a couple of friends who I think would love the Greek cookbook.

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