Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Monday 22nd March 2021 – #Interview Robbie Cheadle and Ritu Bhathal, #Peeves Leon Stevens, #Wishes Jennie Fitzkee

A small selection of posts I have enjoyed in the last few days… if you are an author in the Cafe and Bookstore and have a book on offer or planned to be on offer in coming days or weeks, please email me so I can include in the nearest daily blogger.

The first post today is an interview by Robbie Cheadle with Ritu Bhathal over with Kaye Lynne Booth’s blog Writing to be Read.

Today, I am delighted to feature Ritu Bhathal, talented poet and author, as my Treasuring Poetry guest. Ritu has a lovely poetry book, Poetic RITUals, a romance, Marriage Unarranged, and is a contributor to This is Lockdown, compiled and edited by MJ Mallen.

Which of your own poems is your favourite?

There are a lot of poems I have written, which resonate, but one of my favourites will always be this one:

From Twinkle To Reality

Let me take you down that road,
Much travelled through eternity
The journey to become a mum,
From twinkle to reality.
The plans you make at a young age,
Full of gurgles and laughter,
The horror as you realise,
What really does come after!
The fun of trying,
The monthly wait.
The disappointment,
That feeling, you hate…
The years of trying,
Full of hospitals and checks,
The medication taking you over,

Head over to read the rest of this wonderful poem about the journey to motherhood and the rest of the interview:Treasuring Poetry: Meet poet and author, Ritu Bhathal, and read about her thoughts on poetry

The next post is from Leon Stevens and offers up some frustrations he has faced…he is not alone.

Tuesday Tirade 

Angry cats are funnier than angry dogs…

Do you find things frustrating? Oh boy. I sure do. But I have a pretty calm demeanor, so I don’t usually get worked up about too much, especially things that I have very little control over. That being said, let’s get into a few things that ruffle my feathers.

1.Amazon reviews: I’ve focused some ire in the past toward “The Behemoth”, and I find this equally annoying. Amazon has different platforms for every major country in the world. If a reader in the UK leaves a review for one of my books, someone in another country won’t necessarily see it. But wait. What about global reviews? I have sent many emails to customer service, KDP, and Author Central, and have never received a clear explanation on why some author’s books show reviews from other countries and others do not.

2.Irresponsible dog owners: It’s springtime. The snow melts

Head over to read the rest of peeve number two and the rest of the list.. sometimes it is good to vent: Lines by Leon – Tuesday Tirade

The final post today is from Jennie Fitzkee, who shares the magic of the Wish Tree… always a special piece of magic to come across.

Hope, and a Wish Tree

This is a year of Hope. Children need it. Adults need it. When they find Hope, it carries them along. Far. Wish Trees are beacons of hope, where people give their most important and sacred wishes. They have been all over the world for centuries.

We’re planning a Wish Tree at school in the spring. It will help children. They need Hope and Wishes.

Have you ever seen a Wish Tree?

Walking with friends along a Cape Cod beach, we rounded a bend where the sand meets the water. This was a remote stretch of the beach, quite a distance from the usual spot where people set up their chairs and umbrellas. The walk was long.

And there it was. An old felled tree. It was covered with shells, each one placed carefully. The shells were a multitude of types and sizes. The enormity of what was right in front of us was enough to stop everyone in their tracks.

I knew right away it was a Wish Tree.

Head over to read the rest of this love post and find out about the book Wishtree by Katherine Applegate:Hope and a Wish Tree by Jennie Fitzkee


Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you have enjoyed the snippets and will head over to read the posts in full.. thanks Sally.

33 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Monday 22nd March 2021 – #Interview Robbie Cheadle and Ritu Bhathal, #Peeves Leon Stevens, #Wishes Jennie Fitzkee

  1. What a great collection of posts, Sally. I’ve read Ritu’s Poetic Rituals, so it was lovely to read Robbie’s interview. Jennie’s post is wonderful and inspiring, of course. And I could relate to Leon’s rant about dog poop. Lol. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. I really enjoyed these. The Wish Tree reminds of something similar that Mary Smith saw recently on a walk. I think it’s a lovely idea whether it’s shells or clooties.xx

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