Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Tuesday 23rd March 2021 – #Accounting Jim Borden, #Ireland Claire Fullerton, #Finance Sharon Marchisello

A small selection of posts I have enjoyed in the last few days.

The first post today is from the entertaining Jim Borden sharing an alternative method of remembering the basics of accounting.. with two videos and some remarks that will brighten your day.

Music Monday: A Unique Way to Teach the Basics of Accounting 

If you came here thinking you were going to see me sing something related to accounting, you are mistaken.

But, that’s a good thing. Accounting might be painful enough for many people, but then hearing me sing about accounting could push people right over the edge.

So I came across this video that some students in a high school accounting class put together. If you took an accounting class a long time ago, this may bring back some memories nightmares. 

Head over to watch the videos and enjoy the post: Music Mondays – A Unique Way to Teach the Basics of Accounting – Jim Borden

Claire Fullerton pays tribute to St. Patrick’s Day by sharing some images and a story of Irish attitude to strangers during the time she lived here in the Emerald Isles..

You’ll see in this photographs that I’m standing against a gray stone wall on a windswept day in the middle of an Irish field, with what are obviously the ruins of a monastery behind me.

Observant people might ask why the monastery is behind me, and I am holding a set of keys in my hand as if it were the bigger focal point. Here’s the story.

Head over to enjoy this lovely post of everyday hospitality and ancient places of worship: Happy St. Patrick’s Day with Claire Fullerton

Sharon Marchisello has some news about the audio version of her financial guide Live Well, Grow Wealth which is being released shortly and in preparation she is sharing an excerpt.

How to Reduce Discretionary Expenses

In preparation for the release of the audiobook version of Live Well, Grow Wealth, I’ll be sharing excerpts each week on this blog.

This excerpt is from Chapter One, Live Within Your Means. I suggest categorizing your expenses as absolutely necessary, necessary but reducible, discretionary but important, and totally unnecessary. This post discusses discretionary expenses.

Chapter Two will delve into deriving the most value from your money and deciding what discretionary expenditures bring you the most happiness. But if you’re spending more than you earn, this category is a logical place to look for reduction. Do you subscribe to magazines or newspapers you never read? If so, cancel them.

When you plan to leave town, do you fail to place a vacation stop on your deliveries and ask that your subscription be extended? Do you buy books or movies you could have checked out of the library? Do you watch all those premium cable channels you’re paying for?  

Head over to read this excerpt from the book which provides useful strategies on how to reduce expenses: How to reduce discretionary expenses by Sharon Marchisello


Thanks very much for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to enjoy the posts in full.. thanks Sally

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