Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – New Author on the Shelves – #Musicians #Covid – Pause, Play, Repeat:The real impact of Covid-19 on musicians by Sammy Stein

Delighted to welcome jazz journalist and author Sammy Stein to the shelves of the Cafe and Bookstore with a fascinating look at how the lives and careers of musicians have been impacted by lockdown. Pause, Play, Repeat:The real impact of Covid-19 on musicians

About the book

What was the real impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the lives and careers of musicians? In candid interviews, 18 musicians at the top of their game, including Ray Gelato, Tony Kofi, Ivo Perelman, Emm Gryner, Collette Cooper, Adrian Cox, Tara Minton, Champian Fulton, Graeme Flowers, Chris Bestwick, Camilla George, Alex Ward, Elise Morris, Grace Garland, Esther Bennett, Jennifer Lauren, Claire Cope and Beatrice Betley, discuss the impact of Covid-19 on their music, careers and lives. They discuss the sudden loss of work and income, the closure of venues and rehearsal spaces, the effect on their emotional well-being and the sense of being caught up and overtaken by events completely out of their control. Access to reliable advice, funding and grants as well as support through the music community is also discussed. The musicians explain how they continued to be creative, how new collaborations were formed, the negatives and the benefits of lockdown. The musicians are based in different countries, of various ages and each has their own take on their experiences before and , during the pandemic. They also give their views on the long term effects of the pandemic. These interviews describe the true effects of the pandemic on their lives and how they felt as a musician caught up in a global disaster. Most are jazz musicians but many play across genres. The interviews are profound, open and revealing. With a foreword from Ivors Academy and support across the music industry, the importance of documenting the effects of Covid-19 on musicians is important and necessary.

Head over to buy the book: Amazon UK – And: Amazon US

Also by Sammy Stein

One of the recent reviews for Gender Disparity in UK Jazz

Mr G. Joseph 5.0 out of 5 stars Insightful and well written.  Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 5 December 2020

I eagerly anticipated this book after having devoured the author’s previous works in the series. Ms. Stein has once again carefully curated a list of insightful and thought provoking articles on the experiences of some of the leading lights of the U.K. jazz scene. Stein uses her platform, without judgement, to deliver ideas, theories and facts in a way where the reader wants more. She allows each of her subjects to present their stories in their own words. The best type of journalism. This book is a thought provoking read and will be a great addition to the libraries of performers, students and aficionados alike.

Read the reviews and buy the books: Amazon USAnd: Amazon UK – More reviews: Goodreads – Website: Sammy Stein – Facebook: Sammy Stein 111 – Twitter: @SammyStein111

About Sammy Stein

If you like well researched and cleverly written narrative, you will love Sammy’s work. A writer who is highly respected in the fields of jazz, women in jazz, gender disparity and music. Jazz critic and columnist, one of UK’ S ‘go-to’ authors. Jazz festival curator, radio shows. The writer of series for radio and playlists, many people have enjoyed Sammy’s entertaining and diverse verbal blogs and guest appearances on shows, as well as her Women In Jazz series or shows and articles. . Music is this author’s passion, especially jazz and bringing lesser-known acts who deserve attention to the public arena. Sammy has had 5 books published and many superb reviews, including 2 Jazz Times awards.
Sammy also collaborates with other authors and musicians. She is International Editor at the Jazz Journalists’ Association.

Her columns include Something Else Reviews, Free Jazz Collective and Jazz Views.
Musicians comment on Sammy’s approachability and honesty in her reviews and writing. Her book include ‘Women In Jazz ( 8th House), In Their Own Words ( 8th House) and All That’s Jazz ( Tomahawk) and her passion for music is clear. One commentator said ‘the jazz jumps off the page’ and another ‘she gives clear facts yet does not try to force the reader’s opinion, the depth of research is incredible’. Researchers like working with Sammy, as do many musicians and she is a highly respected author.


It would be great if you could share the news of Sammy’s latest book and welcome her to the Cafe.. thanks Sally.

26 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – New Author on the Shelves – #Musicians #Covid – Pause, Play, Repeat:The real impact of Covid-19 on musicians by Sammy Stein

  1. I already know of musicians and artists who’ve given up and started new careers. Brexit, here, has also had a huge impact. I’d like to think that those involved in the creative arts will find their places and voices again. xx

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  2. This sounds interesting. I watched some locked down musical presentations during COVID and they lacked the energy of in-person. The musicians tried and their music was beautiful. It reminded me how much of enjoying music relies on everything around it. The book sounds excellent.

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  3. It’s been a rough time for performers of all kinds. Performing arts are such a vital part of everyone’s mental wellbeing too – something we all used to take for granted but are realising more now. My own daughter graduated from uni last year with a degree in lighting design, aiming to work in theatres, so I’ve seen the impact covid has had from her pov. It’s heartbreaking and she is one person out of so many thousands. Well done to Sammy for highlighting this for more people to better understand the impact.

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  4. Thank you to everyone who has given feedback on the book here, and to Sally for including it. Just a little on the reasons behind it. I was hearing from so many musicians about the profound impact of the lockdowns due to the pandemic. The effects were devastating, form sudden loss of income and not being able to access clear information about when work might/could/would start again. I could not imagine suddenly losing a year’s worth of gigs but that happened to every one of the people I interviewed. The effect on them financially was probably the biggest thing but it also affected them mentally and the lack of support made many feel forgotten. I was also struck by their consideration of those who rely on them – hotels, band members, people who transport them, caterers, venues – it was all so incredible to hear. Getting support form Ivors Academy ( who also gave the foreword) was simply amazing but also shows how important people feel it is to document what is going on – and still goes on. SO again, thank you for the interest and your support. This feels slike a supportive place. Sammy

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  6. One of the problems is that the crisis isn’t quite over yet, so I suspect things have got worse, and we haven’t got the full story, but let’s hope… Thanks for bringing us this new book.

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