#EditorWars – #BlockEditor vs #ClassicEditor

If you spent Thursday tearing your hair out with the new enhanced Classic Editor upgrade as I did…be thankful for those in the community who are there to help.. Head over to Marcia Meara for a quick and easy way to get your familiar interface for the classic back… life saver…You rock Marcia..

The Write Stuff

Did you wake up yesterday morning to find your blog world turned upside down by a sneak attack during the night? I did. And let me tell you, I spent one awful day trying to figure out what to do about it. Gone was the page where I could choose between the Classic WordPress Editor I’ve used for way more than a decade and the Block Editor, which I loathe. Yep. In its place was the “new and improved” (read “hot mess, totally ruined for my purposes”) Block Editor. Yes, I know they said we’d have the option of using the Classic Editor “at least” until 2022. Alas. It had disappeared.

Now, granted, I probably should have spent some time learning how to use the Block Editor, just in case such as this transpired. At least I would have known a bit about which things I could no longer do…

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43 thoughts on “#EditorWars – #BlockEditor vs #ClassicEditor

  1. Thanks for passing this along, Sally. We need to get the word out before frustration has us ALL leaping off the Tallahatchee Bridge! 😯 I don’t know how long they will continue to give us the choice, but for now, it’s working. And at least it buys us some time to figure out what we’re going to do the next time they jerk the rug out from under our feet. 🙂 ❤

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    • I will share in the blogger Daily Marcia as well on Monday.. David has set up Open Live Writer for me which has almost the same interface as the Classic Editor.. ability to format in the same way and to schedule into the blog at the date and time that I want.. I have been using the for the last two days and still have to learn a few of the moves but it worked very well.. Now I have the previous interface for the posts back…it is wonderful but at least I feel I have a back up in case of trouble ahead. Anyway very grateful for the fix.. love and hugs ♥

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  2. I clicked Write for new post. It seems like I still have the option to use the classic. Of course WordPress forced on me long ago to use Block. I have to click classic every time I want to use it, but it’s not the real classic except the toolbar shows up. The paragraphs are still using Block. Thank you for sharing, Sally.

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      • I followed Marcia’s fix, but apparently it was too late for me. My “All Posts” view is changed with no option to click classic. I remember having that option before. Right now it’s “permanent.” I still could click classic as one of the blocks. It’s only good for one paragraph at a time.

        It’s okay. I can get by using a few blocks, insert links, download images, etc.

        I think WP doesn’t want to admit that this attempt is a failure!! One malfunction I reported is still a problem. Back then, the happy engineer said it was one issue they try to resolve!

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  3. Heading over to read this. I’ve been forcing myself to use the block editor, but there are many things I prefer about the classic editor. I have 2 blogs and still have the option to use either. I guess my day will be coming soon. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Thanks for this great tip from Marcia, Sally. I’ve been avoiding the change like the plague – and it sounds terrible. Crazy that every paragraph is a new block. Hopefully, I can now delay the horror for a few more months. Toni x

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