Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – #Mystery – Legally Blind Luck (Braxton Campus Mysteries Book 7) by James J. Cudney

Delighted to share the news of the latest release by James J. Cudney..Legally Blind Luck (Braxton Campus Mysteries Book 7)

About the book

Surprising new family members. A hidden talisman. Deadly curses. Murder. Months after tragically losing a loved one, Kellan learns his relative’s death wasn’t an accident.

Someone has discovered a cursed talisman, and a rogue government agent will stop at nothing to retrieve the heirloom. Unfortunately, it has already changed hands and found its way on campus. Moments before Braxton’s controversial art exhibition opens, Kellan stumbles upon another murder victim, and it appears he might be next on the avenger’s list.

Can Kellan protect the talisman’s true heir and prevent the killer’s nefarious plan? Given all the suspects have ties to prominent Braxton citizens, he’s uncertain whom to trust. Together, Kellan and Sheriff April are determined to solve the mystery – via legal means or blind luck.

Head over to pre-order the book: Amazon US – And: Amazon UK

Also by James J. Cudney

One of the recent reviews for the first book in the series Academic Curveball, which now has over 250 recommendations

Uma Iyer Van Roosenbeek 5.0 out of 5 stars Invigorating, exciting and thrilling adventure about academic life!!  Reviewed in the United States on March 22, 2021

When I started reading this book, I didn’t know what to expect as this is the first book by this author that I came across. And was I in for a surprise!

It has turned out to be a delightful book about the academic community, the twists and complexities therein, the sports associated with the educational institution, donors and donations and of course, the convoluted personalities of all the individuals involved both students and teachers.

When Kellan Ayrwick travels to Braxton Pennsylvania for his father’s retirement party as the President of Braxton College, Kellan stumbles into all kinds of elaborate, tricky and knotty problems.

During the course of the retirement party, he comes across a murder of a professor in the Communications department ! This is being investigated by his former classmate Connor Hawkins who now is the Security Director for the college. Soon another murder, this time of the assistant to the President of the college!

How Kellan helps solve the murders with the help of a lot of people that includes students and teachers while accepting a two week assignment to teach in the place of the murdered professor forms the content of this delightful thriller.

The story runs smooth, the characters are adorable particularly that of nana D. In fact, I have decided to emulate her.

All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable reading experience. Will look for other books by this author.

Read the reviews and buy the books: Amazon US and: Amazon UKWebsite/Blog: This is my truth nowGoodreads: James J. Cudney – Twitter: @Jamescudney4

About James J. Cudney

James is my given name; most call me Jay. I grew up on Long Island and currently live in New York City, but I’ve traveled all across the US (and various parts of the world). After college, I spent 15 years working in technology and business operations in the sports, entertainment and media industries. Although I enjoyed my job, I left in 2016 to focus on my passion: telling stories and connecting people through words. My debut novel is ‘Watching Glass Shatter,’ a contemporary fiction family drama with elements of mystery, suspense, humor and romance. To see samples or receive news from my current and upcoming books, please subscribe with your email address at my website:

What do I do outside of writing: I’m an avid genealogist (discovered 2K family members going back about 250 years) and cook (I find it so hard to follow a recipe). I love to read; between Goodreads and my blog at, I have over 500 book reviews which will give you a full flavor for my voice and style. On my blog, I started the 365 Daily Challenge, where I post a word each day that has some meaning to me, then converse with everyone about life. There is humor, tears, love, friendship, advice and bloopers. Lots of bloopers where I poke fun at myself all the time. Even my dog has a weekly segment called “Ryder’s Rants” where he complains about me. All these things make up who I am; none of them are very fancy or magnanimous, but they are real and show how I live every day.

A bit of humor: Everything doubles as something else when you live in NYC. For me, it’s the dining room, my favorite space in the apartment, where more than just my cooking is on display! As I look out the windows onto a 12th floor terrace, various parts of nature (trees, bushes, flowers, bugs & animals) inspire me to write. Ryder, my 10-year old shiba inu, usually lays on my feet, growling when I shift positions too many times or when I forget to share my food! Although he’s only 20 pounds, he’s quite strong and pushy. But how else can you pen the best story possible without these things by your side?


Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will take advantage of the great pre-order price for James Cudney’s latest book.

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  1. Thank you, Sally. I enjoyed learning about James and his writing. I look forward to exploring further, especially since he lives in the same area as my three sons. 😊

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  2. Sally,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful post. You are incredibly kind; I don’t know how you do all that you do. Super generous… uber thoughtful… funny and brilliant.

    I’m very excited about this book, and I can’t wait to share it. The review you selected was a great surprise last week. I’m so grateful.

    Have a lovely holiday weekend.



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  3. I’ve read two of Jay’s books and have two others waiting on my Kindle. Hard to keep up, but you can see that I’m a fan.

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